A Geological Fieldtrip through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (with a few stops in the Lower Peninsula)

Franek, Matt, Bruce, Shanan, Aaron 
Day 1, Tue Aug 23 Tawas Point, Paxton Quarry Hoeft SP
Day 2, Wed Aug 24 Ocqueoc Falls, Afton Quarry, Macinac Bridge Straits SP
Day 3, Thu Aug 25 Raber Fossil Beds, Taquamenon Falls Tahq Falls SP
Day 4, Fri Aug 26 Silurian Quarries Bay Furnace Campground
Day 5, Sat Aug 27 Harvey Quarry, Jasper Knob, Republic Mine Baraga SP
Day 6, Sun Aug 28 Keweenaw Peninsula, a.k.a Copper Country McClain SP
Day 7 Mon Aug 29 Paint River Dam, Fayette SP Indian Lake SP
Day 8, Tue Aug 30 Fisherman’s Island SP Home