Welcome to thehashhouse.org
And another email from our 'Non Brit Pioneer' no 6!
Thanks to Juergen for propagating our website.......

"Hello Hash Friends

I was alerted to your website by Juergen (aka George) Friele
and must congratulate you on what you have so far achieved with regard to the Hash House Project and your website. I am listed under (6) in your 'Non-British Pioneers' and perhaps you could correct my family name to read Wippern. Also under (1) cprrect family name should be Eftos, if my memory hasn't failed me.

A few years ago I handed Bill Panton some Port Moresby HHH Books/Magazines, which I found amongst my old Hash t-shirts (I am one of two founders of the PMHHH) but I cant find them in the Tim Hughes Memorial Library list on your website. Were they duplicates of what had been donated previously or have they not been catalogued yet?

Keep up the good work and ON ON.
Horst H.Wippern

Horst, Thanks for your email, and this is precisely what we aim to do, get in touch with our hashing friends. Thanks for your vital input on the correction required to set the records straight.
As for the books, we are in the midst of rectifying that, and it is my guess that the books may not have been catalogued yet (though I am not 100% certai about it. Rest assured that it would be looked into, though)

I shall get in touch with you at a later date, to get you for our 'In conversation series, which I hope will be able to get you on video, to document conversations with our members on record. I also wish to meet Juergen for this purpose too. Do drop in again.

Tony 'FU' Yew, media coordinator - The Hash House

We received an email from the 5th non Brit Pioneer hasher recently! Thanks Juergen for your chip in....

"Dear Hash Friends,
My name is Juergen Herbert Friele and I appear on your website as No. 5 Non--British pioneer. I now live in Penang, am 71 years old and my phone number is 04-899-0695. Please note that my first Christian name is "Juergen" and not Joergen. Kindly correct the o to u. I also like to mention that in 1966 I was the Joint Master together with Nick Horsley. In 1979 I received my mug for 15 years of hashing. John Duncan knows me well.
In the 1970s John Duncan and I went to the archives of the Malay Mail every Saturday, searching for an article on the HHH when they were supposedly founded in December 1938. We checked from 1938 onwards but could not find anything. When I moved to Penang I met my old friend Frank Wardrop (NEB) who came out to Malaya in 1937. He told me that he definitely remembers that the  Hash started already in the last months of 1937. May be you wish to go back to the Malay Mail for some additional search.
Best regards and On, On,
Juergen H. Friele"

P.S Juergen, the mis-spell of your name has been corrected! Danke!


The New Hash House leaflets has been launched to provide more detailed information to prospective members. (Double click on the image to enlarge)


The Hash House Version 1 welcomed it's first official visitors when some 60 0dd hashers including trustee members of the Hash House Foundation made the '1st AGM' run on the 29th of June 2010!

HHV1 is now officially opened!
Contact membership@thehashhouse.org for more information!

Welcome to the Hash House! This site features details of the Hash House project, an undertaking by the Hash Heritage Foundation (HHF) to recognise the unique nature of the Hash House Harriers and to preserve for posterity its history and heritage.

One of the principal objectives of the project is to reconstruct the Hash House itself as a tangible symbol of the origins of the Hash movement and as a resource for the enjoyment of Hashers worldwide.

In addition, the Hash House will collect and display under one
roof a large collection of Hash memorabilia and the definitive Hash genealogy.

We will keep you up to date with reports on the project and accumulate more historical material to illustrate the success
of the Hash House Harriers from its humble start in 1938.

You will find here information on the background to the Hash
Heritage Foundation, and the 'The Hash House' pages will provide visual evidence of the ongoing building project.

The Virtual Museum will illustrate numerous Hash artifacts
and memorabilia, many of which will eventually be put on
display once the Hash House Museum is operational.

The genealogy section and family tree provides the best
information currently available on the origins of Hash
chapters and our genealogist constantly seeks new and
updated data from around the world. In addition, there is an International Hash Directory updated from the most recent
interhash, where you may use the links to access other
chapters. Here we would like to seek your help to notify
us for any up to date correction.

The Hash House 'Version 1' is now in place on the site for
immediate use. See more pictures of the unloading of HHV1 here and more on the HHV1 here.

A prelude to The Hash House

Hash Heritage Foundation Certified by International
Olympic Council for Contribution
of Hashing to Sports For All