For the qualification round (March 12th at 18:30 CET), you can participate from anywhere using your own computer and Internet connection. However, in order to make the qualification round more exciting, universities, engineering schools and individuals can organize hubs to gather participants.

The organization of hubs is fully under the responsibility of their respective organizers.

How can I join a hub?
Please contact the hub organizer directly.

Where? Contact info  Notes 
Laurent Trébulle Open to students of EPITA
École normale supérieure Isabelle Delais and Robin Morisset Open to students of ENS
Salle U ou V
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) Emmanuel Chailloux and Bùi Xuân Bình Minh Open to licence and master students of UPMC
EPITECH (Paris) Romain Lods Open to students of EPITECH
EPITECH (Nice) Denis Anfossi Open to students of EPITECH and externals
EPITECH (Nantes) Aymeric Fouchault Open to students of EPITECH and externals
EPITECH (Lille) Axelle Ziegler Open to students of EPITECH and externals
Université Lille 1 Yann Secq     Open to students of Lille 1.
See details here.
CentraleSupelec (Gif) Jean-Sébastien Renaud Open to CentraleSupelec students
Open to students of 42
Details to be announced 
École Polytechnique Mario Ynocente Castro
Felipe Vieira Frujeri
Open to students of Polytechnique campus
École des Mines de Nancy Moustachir Sami
Matthieu Raymond
Open to students of Mines de Nancy
Telecom ParisTech Jad Nehme Open to students for Telecom ParisTech
Room C48
Université Paris Diderot François Laroussinie Open to Master students of Univ. Paris Diderot
École normale supérieure de LyonTom CornebizeOpen to students of ENS Lyon
INSA LyonAmaury COURJAULTStudents of the IT department of INSA Lyon
EPFLChristian Zommerfelds and Joey ZenhäusernStudents from EPFL

How can I organize a hub?
You need to have a room large enough for the participants you'd like to host. Your room should be equipped with an Internet connection and power plugs that the participants can use. A video projector and a basic audio system is recommended for the live stream at the beginning of the round (but if not available the participants can use their own computers). If you plan to set up a hub, please let us know, so that we can list it on this page.