China Hash House Harriers
Founded by: Don 'Organ' Hammond, Bergman & Bob 'Jolly Good' Jacques on 13 March 1973
Frequency/Meeting point: Mixed Adult Hash which runs every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm. Details for the run posted on the website.  Current fees: Men NT$200, Women NT$150.
Email: ch3@yahoogroups.com
Hash Cash: Kevin "Village Idiot" Meyer, kevinmeyer@ort.com.tw, mobile: 886-930494595
Trail Master: Cam McLean: cam_kiwi2000@yahoo.com.tw, mobile: 886-963046164
Grand Master: Carrier Ho,  carrier1205@yahoo.com.tw, mobile: 886-933208276

Formosa Hash House Harriers
Founded by: Jean "Domestic Violence" Peng and Eveline Wathen in 7 Dec 1996.
Frequency/Meeting Point: Runs once a month in the beautiful mountains and jungle of northern Taiwanin and outskirts around Taipei (female hash) 
1. Joanna "European Union"  Lai  joannalai@seed.net.tw

Hsinchu Hash House Harriers
Founded in April 1999 by: Dik Hare
Frequency/Meeting point: Last Saturday of every month at 2 PM. Meet across the street from Royal  Hsinchu Hotel
Johnny "Erstwhile" Wad, Phone: +886 933794422 email: orvillewad@hotmail.com
Eddie 8X, Phone: +886918 293 860, email: kerlyeddie@yahoo.com

Kaohsiung Hash House Harriers
Founded by: Mike McFarland, Stan Zaucha, Barry Stehler, Tom Weinman, Tom Davidson, Fred Hansen, Ken Hatcher & Dwight George on 16 September 1973
Frequency/Meeting point: The first Sunday of the month is a family run (except during the summer). Family runs start at 9:00am and
include three trails: a runners, walkers and strollers. The rest of the runs alternate between Friday night (6:30pm) and Saturday afternoon (1:00) adult only runs.
Sean 'Singing Shithead' Sartison. Email: sarty316@yahoo.com  Tel: 011-886-931-239-850.
Cory ' Fantasy Fryer Fuck' Toner. Email: corytoner@hotmail.com  (also referred to as FFF)
Alice 'Happy Hour' Li. 0937474622, Email:  aliceli44@yahoo.com

Metro (MRT) Hash
(the amalgamation of the former Starlight and Full Moon Hashes)
Founded: Wednesday 10 April 2002
Frequency: Alternate Wednesday evenings closest to the full or new moon 8.00 pm start.  A working torch is very essential plus a whistle 
Homepage: http://home.kimo.com.tw/taipeihash.tw
1. Duncan "Bush Baby" Robinson, e-mail: nacnud@ms33.hinet.net
2. Grand Master: grandmaster@chinahash.com
2. Trailmaster: trailmaster@chinahash.com

Taipei Hash House Harriers
Founded by: Don 'Organ' Hammond, Zeke 'Slobbo' Haffman, Mike McFarline and Bob Jacques on 4th February, 1973.
Frequency/Meeting Point: Every Saturday afternoon at 2.00 pm. Or contact one of  the 'Contacts' listed below for details of the exact run venue. ('All male' Hash).
1. Nick "Penniless" Mayo: email nick.mayo@msa.hinet.net Tel: 886-952-025116
2. David "Blood Dog" Wei: email davidwei@cht.com.tw, Tel: 886-2-23443241 ,886-912-289528
3. Duncan "Bush Baby" Robinson, e-mail: nacnud@ms33.hinet.net, Tel: 886-2-25950316, 886-930-952478

Taiwan Bear Hash

Founded by: Wildman, March 3rd, 2001.
Frequency: Mixed group runs every Saturday 2.30 to 3pm.
Homepage: http://www.taiwanbearhash.com.tw
Contact: Sean "Rubbish" Chiang, email: sean.chiang@msa.hinet.net, tel: (886)9-28090363

1. GM: Screwdriver 0932-340355, email screw.hsu@msa.hinet.net
2. Hash Control: Fools Gold, Tel: (886)9-37012837
3. Info Sec: Hard Disk, Tel: (886)9-28090363

Taichung Hash House Harriers

Founded by Gerhard the German and Graham Pritchard in Oct 1997
Frequency/Meeting point: A mixed hash that meets every Saturday except the last Saturday of the month at the McDonalds on WenXin Road at 1pm.
General email: taichungh3@mac.com
Graham "Vaseline Thighs" Jelley, email: graham.jelley@msa.hinet.net
Webmaster: Dave De Ma, email: davethhh@mac.com