Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macau

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Hong Kong HHH
Founded by: John Beavon, 23rd February 1970.
Frequency/Meeting point: Mondays at 6.00pm. (Men only)
Homepage: www.hkhash.com
GM – Graeme Brechin (9126 8005)
JM – Tic Toc (9122 1418)
Willie Wu – (9338 5535)

Kowloon HHH
Founded by: Chris Rowe and Ian Hendrie on 26th October 1970
Frequency/Meeting point: Monday at 6.30pm. (Men Only)
GM, Simon "Choi Siu" Siu (siusimon@hotmail.com )
Hon Sec, Don "Miami Vice" Johnston (donj@ckim.com.hk).
JM's, Stephan "Cotton Bud" Lee (leewk1977@yahoo.com.hk ) & Brian "Torchie" Grogan (bwgrogan@gmail.com);
Hash Geek, Gerry "Geriatric" Hibbert (
Hash Cash, Herbert "Hamsup" Wu  (herbert_wu@cathaypacific.com)
Hash Trash, Jim "Bolshie" Gibson gibson@netvigator.com

Ladies of Hong Kong HHH
Founded by: Hilary Prior on 15th June 1971
Frequency/Meeting point: Runs Tues 18.45; (female hash)
GM, Karen Hedderman, email: karentadun@gmail.com -
JM's, Ruth Hunt, email: ruthhunthk@yahoo.com & Margix Parkinson, email: parkysworld@gmail.com
On Sec, Jill Taylor, email: taylor.jill@gmail.com & Mabel Stratton, email:  mmsdml@netvigator.com

Little Sai Wan HHH
Founded by: John Walsh on 17 January 1979.
Frequency/Meeting point: Runs every Wednesday 19.00. (adult hash)
Mark "Hopeless" Hope, email: mhope@hk.fujitsu.com, Tel 9433 6546, Fax 2586 2890
Ann "Indy Anus" Miles, email: indy1000sg@yahoo.com
Carol "Bite 'n Suck" Stubbins, email: carolstubbins@hotmail.com

Northern New Territories HHH
Founded by: Geordie Pepper and a mixed up group of British Army, Australian Navy, 'China Listeners' and some civvies got together to form the N2TH3 on 27th June 1983.
Frequency/Meeting point: Hong Lok Yuen, Near Tai Po. Every Wednesday 7.15pm
Paul "Eunuch" Hitchcock extremecheese@gmail.com 
Dave 'Lok Sup Gow' Gow, davegow@netvigator.com

The Royal South Side HHH
Founded by Ashley Adams on 18 May 1978
Frequency/Meeting point: Every Thursday 6.30pm. Gentlemen only.
Homepage: www.rs2h3.com
Contact: info@rs2h3.com
Ice Dancer (HM) - hashmaster@rs2h3.com
Cabbage Patch / Spit or Swallow (VM's) - vicemaster@rs2h3.com  

Sai Kung Steamers HHH
Founded: 17th Feb 2007 by Guy "Gun Power Plod" Shirra.
Frequency/Meeting point: Family and dog friendly hash meeting every 3rd Saturday of every Month at 4pm at Steamers Bar, Chan Man Street, Sai Kung
Contact: Guy "Gun Powder Plod" Shirra, email: gunpowderplod@gmail.com Tel: 9307 2041

Sek Kong HHH
Founded on 31 December 1974
Frequency/Meeting point: Meet at Leafy Glade Dai Pai DongLam-Tsuen, Lam-Kam Road, Tai-Po every Sunday at 4pm (Mixed Hash)
Homepage: www.skh3.com Email: sekkongh3@yahoo.com
Peter "Twirly Twat" Cawthorne: Tel: 62007393: email twirlytwat@yahoo.com.au
Hughiee, egroup administrator, email: sekkongh3@yahoo.com
GM Jason "Victim" Gleckman, email: skh3victim@yahoo.com.hk 
JM Steve "Golden Balls" Reels, email: stevereels@mac.com

Founded by Tim Bywater-Lees and Tymon Mellor in 1993, with the first run in August 1995 in tropical storm Helen.
Frequency/Meeting point: If  T8 signal is raised before or at 8:00am meet at noon, after 8:00am meet at 4:00pm, no run if the signal comes down before 11:00 am. (adult hash)
Contacts: Paul "Eunuch" Hitchcock extremecheese@gmail.com 

Wanchai HHH 
Founded by: 10 April 1988 by Howard "Dances with Dogs" McKay and Bruce "Shirley Temple" Fletcher
Frequency/Meeting point: Runs Sunday 1600; (mixed but adult hash)
Strap-on-Sally (GM) - gm@wanchaih3.com tel: 6804 7240
Priscilla / Blowjob (AGM's) - agm@wanchaih3.com
Caligula (OnSec) - onsec@wanchaih3.com , 9379 4631

Hong Kong Blood Runners
Founded by: John "BJ" Moss, on the 27th April 2002.
Frequency/Meeting point: Last Saturday of each month, must wear a red T-shirt. Men only.
Homepage :
Contact: Deric "Haggis Humper" Probst-Wallace, email: dericpw@netvigator.com
General email : hbh3@yahoogroups.com

The Free China Hash
Founded by: in 1994
Frequency/Meeting point: Mixed hash with live hares, runs Saturday once a month from different locations around Hong Kong, meets 1:00pm at junction of Jaffe Rd & Fenwick St
Aural Sex Therapist (JM) - keithnoyes2002@yahoo.com.hk
Indy Anus (JM) - indy1000sg@yahoo.com
Steve "Caligula" Taylor (Hash Cash) - caligula.stevetaylor@yahoo.co.uk

   MACAU                                                          click here for a map of Macau

Taipa Macau Hash House Harriers
Founded by: Rob 'The Captain" Kirby in 2 June 1998.
Frequency/Meeting point: Runs usually every Saturday at 4.00pm, Details Announced in advance.
Meet at Sports Bar, Nam San (near the Jockey Club) Taipa.
GM: Pubic Plucker gm@macauhash.com
Cunter Ass Thompson email: cunterassthompson@macauhash.com

Macau Men’s Hash
Founded by: Carey "Sheik MeMe" on March 17, 2008
Frequency/Meeting Point. Last Monday of the month, meet at place at the whim of the hare/GM.
GM: Cunter Ass Thompson, email: gm@mmhash.com and cunterassthompson@mmhash.com
Homepage: http://mmhash.com  

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