OneClick & LightSwitch

OneClick & LightSwitch are applications builders. The following are a comparison between the two products.

Make Your First Web Application Using OneClick

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Output Silverlight Web Application  Web Silverlight + Desktop  
Cloud Enabled  No Yes 
Scalability to support other outputs without any code changing Very easy, since the business rules into the DB and convert it into GUI on the fly  I don’t know  
IDE  No need, since the developer will use the web control panel to build the application.  Use the LightSwitch Visual Studio  
Development Style  Using a lower level of business rules description as a business entities to start build the application.  Using a higher level of database to start building the application.  
Changes on client side  Directly without the need to re-install the updates  Install Updates  
Database Support  MS SQL 2008 Express and Professional  MS SQL 2005 and higher  
Multiple Modules & Databases  Yes Yes 
Built-in workflow module with no coding  Yes  I don’t know  
Custom Validation  Yes Yes 
Multiple Languages Interface  Yes  Single Language  
Setup Process  1. Install the prerequisites 2. Install OneClick 3. Import the application which has been built into the OneClick  1. Install the prerequisites 2. Install the database 3. Setup the application on the client machine.  
Integration with APIs  Yes  Yes  
Integration With Domain Users  Yes Yes 
Developer Background required to build the application  Full knowledge in the business rule of the application required to build  Basic knowledge in database and beginner of technical experience.  
Steps to build the applications  1. Install OneClick 2. Add new application using wizards. 3. Add the business entities of the application. OneClick will automatically build the tables, views, and stored procedures. Also it will automatically build the screens. 4. Build the work flow using wizards 5. Create the roles and associate the screens for them. 6. Create the users 7. Deploy the application 8. Start using the application.  1. Install LightSwitch Visual Studio 2. Add new LightSwitch project. 3. Create the database layer. 4. Create the screens. 5. Build the rules though simple lines of code. 6. Build the business rules through coding. 7. Deploy the application 8. Start using the application  
Code Infrastructure  The control panel create the database depending on the business entities the developer fill. Also OneClick will store the business rules and screens in the database. When the user launch the application and login, OneClick will read the business rules from the DB and convert it into GUI on the fly.  I don’t know  
Ability to duplicate the screens esily  Yes No 
Showing 18 items