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Spring 2017

In spite of the pouring rain the day before and the light mist early in the morning, a handful of hardy volunteers braved the elements to help out with this spring's Adopt A Highway and Clean Sweep in the Village cleanups on Saturday, May 27.

The suggestion to combine our Adopt A Highway cleanup with a cleanup in the village had been proposed by village councillor Brad Howse at an HLA board meeting in the fall of 2016. Great idea, but perhaps better for the spring cleanup. So when, at a meeting of the Beautification Committee, Cathie Ayer mentioned that they should start thinking about sprucing up the village public gardens and planting the annuals and shrubs she and Penny Lester had ordered, Brad's suggestion was recalled and Clean Sweep in the Village was born. 

Those helping with the Clean Sweep gathered by the Post Office and then repaired to Kayla's Kitchen for hot coffee and wonderful cinnamon buns, which Kayla donated to the cause. Thank you, Kayla, much appreciated. Cathie drew up a plan of attack, and everyone headed out to their assignments. Soon the gardens in Davis Park and at the Cenotaph were cleared of leaves and debris and colourful annuals were being planted among the tulips and perennial flowers. The garden box at the Welcome to Harvey sign got a treatment of fresh earth and new flowers. And the Berm at the Trail was weeded and new shrubs planted. 

Although the Adopt A Highway cleanup was scheduled for that day, many of our volunteers chose to do their stretch of the road on a different day, as suited their schedules. No matter, the job got done. The garbage collected was the usual assortment of paper cups, bottle caps, candy wrappers, cigarette packages and butts, plastic bottles, beer and soft drink cans, but the "prize" has to go to the fully loaded diaper found nicely wrapped in a plastic bag in the ditch.

Included in the cleanup was the public beach. A winter's worth of leaves, branches, boards, and plastic lined the edge of the beach. With the sand so wet, it was a hard job to rake up the debris and load it into wheelbarrows. After almost four hours work, there was a huge pile of debris, but a much cleaner beach. The one disturbing find on the beach was the amount of dog waste; this in an area where people walk and children play. 

After all the work came the barbecue at The Doctor's Inn. As always, Steven Fletcher prepared a wonderful feast; the salads, rolls, hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream sundaes were just what the band of tired workers needed. Everyone just settled in and enjoyed the food and drink and conversation. It was a perfect way to end the day.

Sometime this week a couple of our volunteer firefighters, with their truck, will put up the hanging baskets. And i
f you haven't noticed already, small Canadian flags have been stapled to those telephone poles that will not have a hanging basket; all a part of our Canada 150 celebrations.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to help with the Adopt A Highway and Clean Sweep in the Village cleanups. Your efforts do not go unnoticed; because of you, our roads and the village are cleaner, safer, and more beautiful.

The Clean Sweep in the Village was sponsored by the Village of Harvey, the Harvey Beautification Committee, and the Harvey Lake Association.

The morning treats at Kayla's Kitchen were served free of charge, and the barbecue at The Doctor's Inn was paid for by the Village of Harvey.

Thank you to the Village of Harvey for having faith in the Beautification Committee and the Harvey Lake Association and for always supporting our initiatives.