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Lesson planning software: National Curriculum from 2014

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Last updated on 09 Apr 2015
Is there any lesson planning software for the new National Curriculum? We link to lesson planning resources based on the National Curriculum from September 2014. We also look at general lesson planning software.


  1. 1  Planning guides and trackers: 2014 National Curriculum
  2. 2  Lesson planning software
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A school leader at a primary school asked us if there is any planning software that meets the requirements of the new National Curriculum, which was introduced in September 2014. Despite a careful search, we did not find any examples of planning software based around the new National Curriculum. Below, we refer to resources for lesson planning in the new National Curriculum, and to general lesson planning software.

The inclusion of the resources below is intended for reference purposes only, and does not constitute an endorsement from The Key.

Planning guides and trackers: 2014 National Curriculum

100 Lessons for the 2014 Curriculum

The 100 Lessons for the 2014 Curriculum: Planning Guides Set has ready-made planning guides for years 1-6. The pack has books for English, maths, science, geography, history and computing and a CD-ROM to go with each book. Each book contains:

Each book contains weekly breakdowns

  • Background knowledge
  • A yearly overview
  • Progression through each year
  • Weekly breakdowns
  • Topic and attainment targets
  • Key concepts

An A2 long-term planning poster is also included in the pack.

The pack is available to buy from Scholastic’s website for £96.

100 Lessons for the 2014 Curriculum: Planning Guides Set, Scholastic

Inspire Curriculum

Inspire Curriculum has produced a primary curriculum for 2014. Unit packages with lesson plans can be purchased, and there are also programme of study (POS) tracking resources available free of charge. Trials of the curriculum for year 2 and year 5 are available.

A video called 'What is in the Inspire Curriculum?' explains that the curriculum comprises 54 units, with nine for each year group. There are ideas for objectives, outcomes and success criteria within medium-term planning, which Inspire Curriculum recommends you adapt to your own setting.

For year 1, the available POS trackers include the following subjects:

  • Computing
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths

Home, Inspire Curriculum

Lesson planning software

Teachers Personal Information Manager (TPIM)

TPIM is a personal information manager designed for teachers. All information is stored in a Microsoft Access Database format, and users can create a database designed on their timetables and term dates.

Users can create a database designed on their timetables and term dates

The software allows users to record information such as:

  • Timetable
  • Register
  • Seating plan
  • Incidents

TPIM, CSF Software

Lesson Planner

Lesson Planner is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, in basic and advanced versions. There is also an iPad version.

For example, Lesson Planner Basic allows users to:

  • Quickly add plans for one or more subjects
  • Add their own subject-specific learning and differentiation strategies
  • Store all their digital resources including files, pictures and websites

Home, Lesson Planner

I Love Planning

I Love Planning is an online tool for teachers which allows for remote access and allows users to import and export existing planning in different file formats.

Features include:

  • An interactive calendar
  • An online editor
  • Storage of schemes of work
  • Automatic creation of coverage charts

A full-school licence for one year costs £299 and a three-year licence costs £499. Both prices exclude value added tax.

The package, I Love Planning

Sources and further reading

The City of York Council published information and support for the implementation of the new National Curriculum in primary schools.

Sources of support for the new primary National Curriculum, City of York Council

MINTclass - seat planner simplicity