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Software packages for analysing pupils’ progress

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Last updated on 13 Feb 2015
What software packages are available for analysing pupils’ progress? We refer to a range of software packages that can be used to collate data and analyse the progress and attainment of pupils in primary and secondary schools, and pupils with special educational needs (SEN).


  1. 1  Software packages for the EYFS
  2. 2  Software packages for primary schools
  3. 3  Software packages for secondary schools
  4. 4  Software packages for pupils with SEN
  5. 5  Sources and further reading

In this article we link to information from a range of suppliers about software that can be used to analyse and track pupil progress and attainment data. We do not provide an exhaustive list.

Inclusion of any particular supplier in this article should not be seen as a recommendation from The Key.

Software packages for the EYFS

Pupil Asset has developed a software package for tracking progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which uses a colouring system to indicate the age band children are working at.

EYFS Tracker, Pupil Asset

More examples of software packages for analysing EYFS progress and attainment data can be found in the following article from The Key:

EYFS attainment and progress analysis tools

Software packages for primary schools

Insight Tracking

Insight says that its tracking system lets teachers record assessments from nursery to year 6.

Headteachers can use the software to generate reports showing average points progress for cohorts, and predict end of Key Stage (KS) 2 levels and value added (VA) based on current attainment. It can also be used to monitor the progress of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and those in vulnerable groups.

Headteachers can use the software to generate reports showing average points progress for cohorts ...

Home, Insight Tracking

iTRACK Primary

iTRACK Primary is an online pupil assessment service that tracks pupils’ progress and helps with other forms of reporting.

It says that its ‘Making good progress’ page shows, for each pupil, the difference between the teacher’s target, the pupil's result and the VA target.

What is iTRACK Primary?, iTRACK Primary


The O-Track pupil tracking system from Optimum produces customisable reports for the EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Optimum says:

The easy-to-use data entry screens enable you to enter assessments and assign pupils to specific and intervention groups

O-Track: online pupil tracking software, Optimum


Pupil progress and intervention tracking (PpiT) is a software programme that can analyse pupils’ attainment, progress and targets.

It says that possible types of analysis include:

  • Actual and targeted progress between any combinations of terms, years or Key Stages
  • Percentage of pupils meeting, exceeding or not meeting targets
  • Percentage working above, at, or below age-related levels of attainment

Analysis, PpiT

Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset has a tracker for primary schools, which records pupils’ results and automatically calculates progress over time. You can then “drill down through any number of cohorts to individual pupil profiles” and identify which groups need the most support.

Primary Tracker, Pupil Asset

School Pupil Tracker

School Pupil Tracker says it allows users to track pupils' progress. Users can then see the progress and VA of specific groups through charts, and to identify pupils who are not making enough progress.

Users can see the progress and VA of specific groups through charts ...

Homepage, School Pupil Tracker


SIMS Capita explains that its SIMS Discover software package enables schools to analyse pupil data and present it in Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs. It says:

You can spot patterns and trends, helping you identify pupils who may have previously slipped under the radar and take appropriate action sooner.

SIMS Discover for primary schools and academies, SIMS CAPITA

Software packages for secondary schools

GO 4 Schools

The pupil tracking feature of GO 4 Schools takes information from the school's MIS and converts it into statistics and pupil progress reports, which appear alongside the tracking information entered by staff.

A representative at GO 4 Schools told us that, because the system takes information from a school's MIS, and because schools can modify information about their curriculum and assessment structures, it may be possible to:

  • Track pupils' progress in specific modules, rather than whole subjects
  • Assess progress across KS3 and KS5
  • View the modules/courses specific pupils have taken

She said that it can be difficult to assess progress across different Key Stages and, in particular, between KS4 and 5. Whether this is possible will depend on the assessments pupils sit at each Key Stage.

The software can capture the achievements of pupils with SEN.

... it can be difficult to assess progress across different Key Stages

Pupil tracking with GO 4 Schools

Contact, GO 4 Schools


4Matrix from New Media Learning Ltd is a networked application that can:

  • Import data from all major MIS and spreadsheets
  • Produce performance reports on exam results day
  • Identify intervention groups
  • Calculate levels of progress and VA for all pupils
  • Provide evidence of the impact of interventions, including the pupil premium

We spoke to a representative at 4Matrix who said that the software is currently designed to capture information about pupils, including those with SEN, in Key Stages 3 and 4. However, she said that 4Matrix is releasing software to track and report progress at KS5 in the summer 2015.

Because the software imports information from a school's MIS system, and because schools can modify information about their curriculum and assessment structures, she said it may be possible to assess and record pupils' progress in specific modules.

Contact information for 4Matrix is given on its homepage:

    Home, 4Matrix


    InfoMentor produces software to help schools, for example:

    • Organise work
    • Share resources
    • Monitor and report pupils' progress

    A representative from InfoMentor said that the software enables schools to gather and report information about pupils in KS3, 4 and 5. Whether or not it is possible to track progress between KS4 and 5 will depend on the assessments the pupils take.

    Software overview, InfoMentor

    Contact us, InfoMentor

    Classroom Monitor

    Classroom Monitor is an online tool for managing the curriculum and assessment, tracking pupil progress and reporting to parents.

    The pupil tracking tool can help schools to, for example:

    • Track pupil performance against targets and expectations
    • Compare cohorts and track vulnerable groups
    • Keep up to date with a live view of school data

    What we do, Classroom Monitor

    Pupil tracking, Classroom Monitor

    Pupil Asset

    The Secondary Tracker from Pupil Asset digests results into graphs, and calculates, for example, average point scores (APS).

    ... the software gives you a breakdown of the percentage of pupils achieving five subjects at grades A*-C

      For KS4, the software gives you a breakdown of the percentage of pupils achieving:

      • Five subjects at grades A*-C
      • A*-C grades in maths and English
      • Five subjects at A*-C, including maths and English
      • Five subjects at A*-G
      • APS
      • Capped APS

      Like the Primary Tracker, the Secondary Tracker can be linked to your school’s management information system (MIS).

      Secondary Tracker, Pupil Asset

      SIMS Discover

      SIMS Discover from SIMS Capita is also available for secondary schools and includes the same features as the version for primaries, linked to above.

      SIMS Discover for secondary schools and academies

      Another article from The Key links to examples of applications from four providers that can be used to track pupil performance at KS5.

      Tracking pupil progress at KS5: monitoring software

      Software packages for pupils with SEN

      Blue Hills

      Blue Hills has a Provision Map Writer, which is designed to allow users to manage inclusion practices and SEN provision. It says it can capture data on all pupils with additional needs and produce provision maps for the whole school, year groups and individual pupils. It then allows users to record and store the outcomes of specific interventions.

      Blue Hills also offers a Provision Map Dashboard, which allows senior staff in federations, academy chains and local authorities to monitor provision across groups of schools.

      Provision Map Writer, Blue Hills

      Provision Map Dashboard, Blue Hills


      CASPA is a tool to assist with analysing the attainment and progress of pupils with SEN. It enables schools to benchmark attainment and progress for individual pupils and cohorts.

      Comparison and analysis of special pupil attainment, CASPA


      PIVATS is a software package that allows schools to show how they add value for pupils with needs that are additional to or different from those of other learners.

      PIVATS’ data collection and analysis service website includes individual pupil profiles and subject profiles. It also shows trends in VA performance over time in relation to school improvement initiatives.

      PIVATS, Lancashire County Council

      Sources and further reading

      FFTLive is an online reporting system from the Fischer Family Trust that processes data for schools and provides online reports. These reports analyse pupils’ progress across all subjects and Key Stages, and compare performance to similar schools and the national average.

      FFTLive, Fischer Family Trust