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Behaviour Management

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Software packages for monitoring pupil behaviour

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Last updated on 26 Jun 2015
Are there any software packages for monitoring pupil behaviour? In this article, we link to software packages that schools can use to monitor pupil behaviour. Some of these systems can also be used for tracking progress and attendance and for viewing data on special educational needs.


  1. 1  Behaviour Manager
  2. 2  Behaviour Watch
  3. 3  Class Charts
  4. 4  Conduct
  5. 5  epraise
  6. 6  Go4Schools
  7. 7  IRIS
  8. 8  iSAMS
  9. 9  PARS
  10. 10  Reward System
  11. 11  SIMS Core Suite
  12. 12  Sleuth

In this article we link to information from a range of suppliers about software that can be used to monitor pupil behaviour. Inclusion in this article does not represent a recommendation or an endorsement from The Key.

Behaviour Manager

Behaviour Manager explains that it allows schools to record a range of information about behaviour incidents, including:

  • The people, including staff members, who were involved in the incident
  • Any actions taken against the people involved
  • Any injuries to the people involved

The software can also produce statistical reports and generate letters.

Product overview, Behaviour Manager

Behaviour Watch

Behaviour Watch is a web-based system which allows schools to log behaviour incidents online. It says:

The system can record ... information about SEN

When incidents are logged, automatic emails will alert relevant staff ...

The system can record attendance data, assessment data, and information about special educational needs (SEN) and individual education plans.

Behaviour Watch’s website outlines how the system can be used in primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, and pupil referral units (PRUs).

Home, Behaviour Watch

Class Charts

Class Charts is a system designed to allow schools to combine seating charts with data about the abilities, targets and needs of individual pupils.

The website says that by assigning points for positive and negative behaviour, schools can use the seating plans as behaviour management tools to track pupil behaviour over time.

About, Class Charts

For an online demonstration, see the following page:

Classroom behaviour, Class Charts


Conduct is a web-based application from 3Square Associates Limited. According to its website, it lets schools track "all behaviour types, including bullying, cyberbullying, racism, homophobia and ... low-level 'nuisance behaviour'".

Schools can use the software to send pre-written letters, emails and text messages to parents or staff about an incident.

School Behaviour Software – Conduct, School Behaviour


epraise is an online praise and rewards system designed to encourage and motivate pupils in school.

The website says the system can be used to record points that pupils earn for good behaviour. Schools can set up an online shop on epraise where pupils can spend their points.

The system allows school leaders to compare groups of pupils, including those with SEN, those eligible for free school meals, and more able pupils.

Teachers can view seating plans and set homework online.

Introduction, epraise


The Go4Schools software package describes itself as a "system that supports whole-school improvement". It contains six modules, one of which covers behaviour.


    The behaviour manager can set targets for pupils and track how they are performing

    The website says that some of the key features of the behaviour module are:

    • Summary behaviour information appears alongside assessment and attendance data for an overall picture of pupils
    • All staff have instant access to details of recent behaviour events for pupils, as well as access to a statistical analysis of patterns and full details of each event
    • The behaviour manager can set targets for students and track how they are performing

    Behaviour module, Go4Schools


    IRIS, from Schools Data Services Ltd, is an online behaviour management and rewards system for secondary schools, which uses "real-time analysis of behaviour".

    The IRIS website says that the system automatically alerts form tutors when incidents are logged for their students. Schools can also set up accounts for parents and students.

    IRIS, Schools Data Services Ltd


    iSAMS is a module-based management information system for schools. It includes modules for teaching, marketing, the school office and admissions.

    The platform, iSAMS

    The iSAMS website explains that the pastoral module includes a discipline manager which allows schools to:

    • Put pupils in detention
    • Assign staff members to take detention
    • Let staff know when a student has been given a detention or has attended one

    This information is then logged against a pupil’s profile for tracking purposes.

    Discipline manager, iSAMS


    PARS Connect is a pupil management software package from TASC Software Solutions Ltd which provides staff with information on "attendance, school behaviour, pupil tracking, assessment and grading".

    The behaviour module allows schools to ... create automatic referrals to more senior staff for repeated poor behaviour

    PARS Connect, TASC Software

    The behaviour module allows schools to log positive and negative behaviour, and create automatic referrals to more senior staff for repeated poor behaviour.

    PARS Connect features, TASC Software

    Reward System

    Reward System is an online points-based behaviour tracking and rewards system which focuses on improving positive behaviour.

    Certain elements of the system are free for individual teachers.

    About, Reward System

    SIMS Core Suite

    Capita says that the features of its SIMS Core Suite software package enable schools to monitor behaviour, progress and attendance by displaying key data on one screen. It also records SEN data.

    There are different versions of SIMS Core Suite for primary and secondary schools.

    SIMS Core Suite for primary schools and academies, Capita SIMS

    SIMS Core Suite for secondary schools and academies, Capita SIMS


    The School Software Company says that its electronic behaviour tracking system, Sleuth, is designed to record and analyse positive and negative behaviour.

    It allows staff to select appropriate interventions and monitor their impact.

    Overview of Sleuth, The School Software Company