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Text editing and Csv File Manipulation csv file manipulator.  Has some features that excel can't do, but it's tricky to use.
 Notepad++   free! use this instead of notepad and word pad.

 UNIX Shell - Git Bash Alternative to notepad++  but $20 and I'm not sure it's as good.

 SQL text reformatting and SQL Use      Try out some SQL using a website "simulation" - useful for sharing demos    (a paid for version of the above - but not as good!)
www.sqlinform.comthe above are very handy free ones - almost as good as this paid for one which saves hours by adding line breaks and indentations automatically.  (An online free but basic version is here.)

Source control
Github with sourcetree  (or Git extensions which I don't think is as good)

Bug Tracking

Software Design management (OO design tools)
Features diagram:
Feautres Diagram

For VBA  Uber advanced error handling classes and MDE to MDb conversion.

Icon creation and conversion