Lesson Plan To Teach Tableau

So why should schools use Tableau

  • It's so much easier to use than Excel as it is actually database, so it provides the power of a database but with an "easier to use than excel" user experience and GUI.

  • Tools like this are what businesses will use in the future!

  • There are loads of good training resources which you could use.  eg basic videos about tableau public here  which are suitable for most people.

  • More starter kit videos can be found here .  Also here but these are for business users and they are more intense)

  • Pupils can enjoy finding out about topics using interactive data.   

  • Tableau provide lots of free online data sets to enquire about the world - you can even link to data about "Boris bikes",  facebook, and any other data you find.

  • The product really adapts well for different levels of ability.  You could use just the viewer with year 7 and the designer with older pupils to year 13.   

  • There's data for many subject areas:  eg. Geography and Maths could use it to help kids interpret charts and interact with data or for kids projects etc.  There's all sorts of data and possibilities!

The content of this page 

1. helps schools understand how Tableau might be used by pupils
2. provides a school with the information it needs to setup and use Tableau for free.
3. provides lessons plans for use with GCSE / A Level pupils  of computer science (14 to 17 years old).
4. provides links to tableau content that can be used from around age 11 upwards in any subject.
5.  enables teachers to assist pupils with learning tableau (and related concepts) by using tableau training videos and resources

What is BI?   Watch a video about BI and tableau   or use some Vizualisations yourself with no installed software needed.

Please find attached to this page the following files:

1. A word document with a few lesson plans. These contain lots of useful links and guidance relating to Tableau.  
You can simply follow the lesson plan to get tableau installed and in use at your school.  
Following the plan yourself might be a good way for you to learn tableau as it contrasts it with Excel.

2. A version of the Excel data file provided by tableau that have I formatted to allow it to be used to view the data and demonstrate Excel features and Data analysis concepts.  (ie pivot tables, charts, conditional formatting, GROUP BY, Aggregation etc)

3.  a second version of the file with less data that will work quicker on ordinary computers that are slow by data analysis standards when using Excel (but will be fine with tableau).


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More about My Lesson Plan

The lesson plan help you understand what is available from tableau and it can be found attached below.  

The document contains all the links you will need,  and draws on the other excel resources which I created and I think you may find useful (I've very good at Excel).  It also suggest a structure for a set of lessons.

I think most adults will easily be able to follow the plan and probably deliver it to pupils with very little effort.   

You know how it is, you might need them to help you after a while.

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Harvey French,
Nov 5, 2015, 5:00 AM