Access Related

For Access VBA Great addin for coding VBA.  £117 for Access addin  (also excel one)  Makes writing your own code much quicker.  

Source Control released in Oct 2015.  An addin (for about £100).  More fully featured than oasis-svn.  

Works with MSSCCI providers.  Compatible to the Microsoft SCC Add-In. oasis-svn  I've used this a lot to export access objects as text files and then used git to source control it.

Converting databases
(eg converting an Access database to a SQL Server database) MS SSMA - the official software for SQL Server This may be worth considering £300 ! Company that will do Access database to another for you 

Access Database Development tools

 Access Extension framework One seriously good framework for large scale Access projects.  $60 per seat.  Shareware.
This is a very exciting product.    Code library   Mztools - free  

  VTools For MS Access: V-Tools:    Very good searching