Reccomended Apps. and s/w

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See also my separate Excel, Access  and VB/VBA/Vs pages 

Trello - Task Manager I think this the best "easy to use but quite powerful" task manager out there.
It makes task prioritisation and categorisation easy (using drag and drop) and works well with teams.  This is based on "KanBan boards" and is available on their website or by using aps for iphone, windows 8 (not good) , and android (great).   Old school task manager.  One of the best in it's genre and age, but not a useful as Trello
Project Management   Gant Charts but easy to use like excel, not as clunky as MS Project)

Flow charts  - easy web based flow chart software (a bit like MS Visio but nicer and fully file compatible) - free web based brainstorming
Microsoft Visio

Presentation Software & Links

See Here eg chatting, texting, conferencing, social sites, remote control, etc
Online forms

PDF related software - handy free pdf tools 

Screencapture software 

Windows Snipping tool works OK but these are so much better:

‎. A bit like windows snipping tool, but so much better.  Great for capturing and editing/ annotating captured pictures of the screen and recording videos of screen use.
Camtasia - Video editing tool, which is good value..  (I got a copy cheaply though ebay)   It's free to create up to 15 minutes video captures,  You can share it on youtube, google drive etc... I've used this and get along ok with it.  
Adobe Captivate is £300+ but is better.  camtasia is expensive but easier to use than screencast.  It's similar to screencast-o-matic and has some nice features.

Mail Clients
 Windows Live Mail  Free version of Outlook (Enables you to sue Word mail merge to email)
 Thunderbird     PC Ap. Free addins to sync contacts held in ap with google (GREAT!).  Can do google chat.   Allows tagging of emails, and provides many outlook like features (eg rules etc)

 Windows 10 email client      Don't bother!   You can't event mail merge from Word via emails to this client.

Use this instead of windows paint  Paint.Net

Text File editor and editors
Notepad++  use this instead of notepad and word pad.
UNIX vi  - you can't beat it ;-) with grep find pipes etc...

Office Addins
Onenote:   I really love onenote  (Paid for but not to much for what it does)   Onetastic.  Free and very handy

Communication     A messaging ap for teams.  (Private Chat rooms for companies, with the ability to link to and capture notifications from many other sites)
gSyncIt   Syncs Outlook with Google (emails, contacts!, tasks, calendars) and also with other sites like toodledo. VOIP telecoms for business (my brothers company!)

Using Multiple Monitors & Windows enhancements
When combined these apps give more powerful window management than than windows 10:

classic shell start menu      - make windows 8.1 look like windows 7
Aqua snap is awesome.  Enhances windows to be more like a UNIX GUI. Easy to install, setup and learn (10 mins) and offers some easy to use yet powerful features.
Actual Multiple Monitors    - Not as easy to use as Aqua Snap, but it does offer some more advance features - like setting the actual size of a tile/panel in pixels.
Using their desktop divide feature, it lets you sub divide a monitor into a number of tiles, which you can then easily maximise a window into ....
Does lots of other stuff to, but the rest is not much use.  eg maximise a window across both monitors   for windows viitual desktops
TurboTop  - a simple app. that keeps a window on top of the others
Right Click enhancer - change how the right click menu works in file explorer an the options that are listed

File storage
If you use office then I prefer onedrive, especially with an office 365 subscription - you can easily open up your office docs on your android phone etc...
Dropbox - is quick, reliable, reputable.
Gdrive - is nice on the phone, but doesn't integrate will with office, but does integrate really well with google aps like their website builder  "sites".
With gdrive and onedrive I use their sync software to copy the files to my PC's c drive.

Other Maths expression editors, maths game creation Create interactive games for a whiteboard Create games, quizzes. Has a countdown timer.