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We will remember them in us

A "profound thought" came to me:

I believe the wars of our father fathers, have caused me, even now to be suspicious and perhaps wary of other people. Do not under estimate the effect the 2nd world war had on your families and how this, even now, influences how you are bringing up your children.

After all, we have all been brought up by nations of people who were traumatised and tested, probably beyond our comprehension.

Be thankful you didn't have to live in those times, but be mindful of how events and wars (through-out history) have had an impact on our culture and our innermost beliefs and understandings.

How we see the world and other people now is a reflection of and influenced by how our fore-fathers/mothers came to see other people.

We may not have lived during very troubled times, but, I am certain that they have still partly formed who we are today and how we respond to current events.

I often wonder about the evidence that remains to inform us about times past. I am sure that the most important lessons cannot be taught or learned from others but lies within your own mind and how you choose to interpret the evidence it stores.

Can our concious thinking minds really be asked to work with so much information to find the answers, or is the art of thinking to ignore what you have learnt and been told or taught and how you have been conditioned to think.

Seeking a truth where you might least expect it to be found.

Under your nose.

Thought over and out.

[[Harvey 27th Oct 2015]