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My message Oct 2017

Two years ago I had a dream. I dreamt and recalled a phrase "god will take the apple back".

Subsequently, despite my best efforts, I failed to deliver the message. At the time, I didn't know what the message meant, but I thought of it as a message from God, crazy as it sounds. Anyway I later found out that the apple represents the world in the Christian faith, with which I had tried to share the message.

So, two years later I'm back to being more myself and I have a new message which I am delivering. The message has changed a bit.

The message is still love and peace, but the difference between that delivered by Jesus 2017 years ago and the one I carry with me now is that I am furious. Angry beyond measure and extremely sad.

Listen up folks. Hear God's word embedded in the many global religions of the world. Hear the message delivered to you in your daily lives.

It's not so simple now, as the modem life you've made is so complex, loud and powerful.

The words recorded by past religions are not up to date enough, not powerful enough and more importantly have not worked. People look down on religion and practice greed and vanity.

The common message and also the purpose of religion has been hidden by modern complexity.

In short, if you are not open to listening and changing then you are part of the problem.  The age old message is still with us in our daily lives.  It's in front of you at every turn. But if you don't seek you will not find.

Be warned, God doesn't love problems.

Good loves the planet (ie the apple) . God doesn't just love us, he loves all living (and non living) creatures.

God will take away the planet from us unless we change rapidly, away from constantly abusing it and everything on it.

Personally, I wash my hands of the human race.

Sorry, but there you have it.

What would Jesus do if he came down to earth once more? I believe he would join me and also wash his hands. I reckon he'd not be bothered with helping us humans but he'd be on the side of the rest of the planet.

Right. So this is war.

The planet vs us.

Honestly who do you think will win? Mother  nature or us.

Who would you want to win? 

Yours disgusted (by humans) ,

Harvey French

PS. For those who know me who read this far: thanks. Please like if you've read it. Also, please share this "message" .

PPS. Peace and love y'all.