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Are you open to listening?

This came to me waiting for the washing machine to finish, and I was changed.  I put down my chocolate moose and vowed to stop eating to much. I was very glad of the state of mind that came over me and the hug of life that gave me a new perspective and realisation about me and my life.
[Harvey 25th Oct 2015]

I feel slightly differently now, since I wrote my "God the Farmer Almighty" text.  I now think it's not so much a seed that grows but your ability to be open to hearing a guiding voice, and allow a channel of communication to form between you and the guidance you receive, and the wisdom you may hear.

You may perceive the guidance as "words" in you mind and they may appear similar to your own thoughts, but they feel different and not really a part of you.   You have he choice to listen and remain open to passively listening and appreciating them and even choose to pose questions to them.   You may even respect them enough to allow yourself to be guided by them and modify your behaviour through their support.  It's now not obvious at all who planted the seed.

To explain more.

I consider our bodies to be like a big radio antenna, capable of being influenced by forces beyond everyday comprehension.  I figure, our receiving bodies, may be effected by the "signals" in ways we do not perceive.  Perhaps we are effected infrequently, or possibly always - who knows - but sometimes we are effected in a manner that we can relate to, or perceive, such as when a sentence forms as "speech" in you mind.

These "voices" in your head, that some say are your conscience, are to easy to ignore and disregard as just your thoughts and not of any real value.  It is after all "mad" to hear voices and even madder to talk to them as though they were not you.   Voices are a thing of madness and interestingly, I believe, things of biblical tales.  How has it become so wrong to appreciate them and how is it that I do not hear people talking about these incredibly moving experiences that I get from time to time.    During these moments I find myself approached and overcome by an immense feeling of gratitude and love.  

I wonder whether, the modern world making it harder to allow people to open this door and immerse themselves in what feels very blissful, or whether this has always been he case.  Perhaps the peoples of the world have never been open to listening.

[The washing finished after 5 minutes and I ended up writing this, not spending so much time on my PC, instead listening to  the album "Bring 'Em All In" by Mike Scott of Waterboys fame.  A superb album for me in this frame of mind.  Beautiful.]