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My Writings

My writing won't win any prizes but it means a lot to me.

We will remember them in us  [27th Oct 2015]

Are you open to listening [25th Oct 2015]

My interpretation of Easter - by George Herbert 1633 [31-03-2013

I remember my dad singing this poem set to music by Vaughan Williams and it has always moved me.
When I first came to sing it, I explored the text looking for a meaning that I would want to sing about, and I found that I could and wanted to.  This link shows the document I created during this process.

God The Farmer Almighty [28th Oct  2012]

I wrote this to try and convey some of my beliefs and understandings 

We will remember them [21st Jan 2012]

This is chapter 3 of "I bow to a higher power", and as my mum liked it I've added it here.  The rest of the document is very personal and not shared, however "God the Farmer Almighty" summarises it quite nicely.