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 www.thisisrubbish.org.uk Promoting the reduction of food waste 
www.bhwt.org.ukHen re-homing.
This organisation is amazing and have collection points across the country, the lady I spoke to was very interesting and their web site also has a lot of information:

I was very moved when I heard chickens are being re-homed like this, as I have seen a lot of shocking information online about how we treat hens (and other animals for that matter).   The little things do count in life, and doing what we can to address what is considered normal and acceptable, is important. Animal husbandry an food related issues are a very significant part of this.

Apparently, the hens are typically 18 months old and have reached the end of their first "egg laying cycle" and are moulting.  It takes a year for them to "rejuvenate" themselves and start laying again, and this is why farms "replace" them with younger hens.  They can live for 8 or 9 years old and will often lay until they are about 5 years old or so.

A hen is for life not just for Christmas, although most people opt for turkeys.


More ethical than other similar brands

www.benjerry.co.uk/Ben and Jerry's are a very ethical company that do a lot of ethical stuff.   Ok so some say all ice cream should be vegan as to many cows are bad for the planet, but compared with other big brands like haagen-dazs, whose websites make no mention of  any ethics at all, they win hands down.  Simples.


Things I intend to check out