"It's not just people who learn we need but human beings that think."  

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Dec 2015: My first Eco page Eco and a "my business" facebook page
Oct 2015:  I am loving using Tableau. See my Business Intelligence page here

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 Windows Quotation Tool  A Spreadsheet and database system for managing the process of double glazing installation.  BOM, Quotation, Manufacture, Fitting, Invoicing and CRM.
 xoomtalk Database Support Pages Pages to support the use Databases created for xoomtalk:  Call Analysis Tool, Charging Plan database and Cost File Generation Tool.

 Go4Schools Resources Resources to support and train staff on Go4Schools. Contains procedures, general guidance and instructional videos

 A Go4School Utility      An Access database created to enhance the functionality of Go4Schools 

 SIMS ResourcesResources to support and train staff on SIMS.

 Harveys Own Wiki Site A wiki site

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