Welcome To Harvest Moon.

Welcome and congratulations on choosing to be a part of our elite ranks!

This site is intended to give you a better idea of how the guild functions. If you are already confused, don't worry! We ask only one thing from our members: that they are evil-aligned. It is really your own decision how involved you would like to become with the guild, and how much you wish to take advantage of the facilities we offer our members. In case you didn't already know, our heroes are way too stupid to know what's best for them. When they get fed up with their awesome guild rewards and high rank, and start questing to join a more obscure guild, just order them to "cancel quest!" (Using the Voice Command Box in the same location as Encourage/Punish) during a monster fight (Best Result), until they obey you. Sometimes it can take quite a few tries, but if you really don't want to leave then don't give up!

Need Help?
There is a support team willing to help you with any advice or game tips, you can find them by clicking here: Blood Moon Council