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NOTES: This tournament is open to Harvest Moon Guild Members only!

Round 1

Match 1
Nekomancer (WINNER)
Match 2Malachi1213vs.Mistress Of Science (WINNER)
Match 3
Icyyyvs.Imprecise Master (WINNER)
Match 4
Teakvs.Bellatrixie The Strange (WINNER)
Match 5
Mike Huntervs.Great Apollo (WINNER)
Match 6
Rosalind Vivian (WINNER)vs.NASCAR Fanatic
Match 7
Absent Goddessvs.Baws Banger (WINNER)
Match 8
CAGMvs.Domerthos (WINNER)

Round 2
Match 1
Nekomancervs.Mistress Of Science (WINNER)
Match 2Imprecise Master (WINNER)vs.Bellatrixie The Strange
Match 3
Great Apollo (WINNER)vs.Rosalind Vivian
Match 4
Baws Banger (WINNER)vs.Domerthos

Round 3 - Semi-finals!
Match 1
Mistress Of Sciencevs.Imprecise Master (WINNER)
Match 2
Great Apollovs.Baws Banger (WINNER)

3rd Place
Match 1
Mistress Of Sciencevs.Great Apollo (WINNER)

Match 1
Imprecise Master (WINNER)vs.Baws Banger