Membership dues represent the largest source of PTO funding.  If you do not want to enter your membership information online, you can download, print, and mail the PDF membership form.  
Click here to download the membership form.  NOTE:  The membership form will not print correctly from your browser.  After clicking the above link, please click the blue "Download" button, then "Direct Download", then open the downloaded pdf to print.
To complete your enrollment online, please click the Submit button at the bottom of the form above, located after "Membership Level."  Please click here to pay for your membership online!

NoteThe PTO provides the student directory to student family and faculty PTO members who are currently enrolled / employed that school year for the sole purpose of information sharing and community building among the families and faculty of the Harvard School system. Community members are welcome to join to help support our programs. Consistent with the privacy expectations of the school families, directories are not provided to community members.