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Ludo Festival

Thank you for a wonderful event.  The ambassadors and volunteers who brought this celebration of world cultures together for another year gave us a highly enjoyable evening. 

Look for information about next year's event to be held next winter.  

The Harvard PTO sponsored Ludo Festival, now in its 8th year,  is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

● Music: Lots of international music! 
● Food: (this is not a full meal, but a snack and dessert) 
● Desserts:  For example - French crepe with nutella or apple, Italian Pizelle made fresh as you watch! 
● Appetizers:  Chinese scallion pancakes, Bolivian cunapes and more. 
● Activities:  Indian Mehndi Henna Hand Art, Chinese yo-yo, and many international cooking demonstrations like French crepes and Chinese dumplings.

International Raffle itemsThis year includes Swedish horses, Chinese wallets, African bracelets and more!

Admission is $5.00 in advance (online purchase below!), with FOUR free International Raffle tickets, or pay $5.00 at the door with two free raffle tickets. Buy in advance and save! 

 Tickets are specifically for Middle School Students.  Plan to attend the full time: 6pm-8:00pm. 
● Additional raffle ticket will be available the night of: two for $1.00 at the raffle table. 

We are looking for volunteers!  Contact the Ludo Festival Chair.

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International Activities

International Raffle Items

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