2017 Ludo Festival - Weds., February 1st   6 - 8:00 p.m.

Thank you for a wonderful event.  The ambassadors and volunteers who brought this celebration of world cultures together for another year gave us a highly enjoyable evening. 

Look for information about next year's event to be held next winter.  

The Harvard PTO sponsored Ludo Festival is back for its seventh year -- all 6th, 7th and 8th graders are welcome! 

Mark your calendars; grab your friends for the Ludo Festival, an evening of international fun! 

● Music: Lots of international music! 
● Food: (this is not a full meal, but a snack and dessert)
● Desserts:  For example - French crepe with nutella or apple, Italian Pizelle made fresh as you watch!
● Appetizers:  Chinese scallion pancakes, Korean pork dumplings, Bolivian cunapes and more.
● Activities:  British Cricket, African percussion music, Indian Mehndi Henna Hand Art, Chinese yo-yo, and many international cooking demonstrations like French crepes and Chinese dumplings.

International Raffle items: This year includes: chopsticks, a tea pot, a Chinese headband, Japanese lunch bag, Chinese wooden plate and many more prizes! 

Admission is $5.00 in advance, with FOUR free International Raffle tickets, or pay $5.00 at the door with TWO free raffle tickets. Buy in advance and save! 

Tickets are specifically for Middle School Students.  Plan to attend the full time: 6pm-8:00pm. 
● Additional raffle ticket will be available the night of: two for $1.00 at the raffle table. 

We are looking for volunteers!  Contact the Ludo Festival Chair.