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About the Harvard PTO

The Harvard PTO is a volunteer organization made up of parents of students at Hildreth Elementary School and the Bromfield School which supports activities and programs at both schools. The PTO works with parents, teachers, and school administrators to identify programs and resources to which they would otherwise not have access. The PTO then funds, partially funds, or directly delivers those programs. 

In past years, PTO funds have been used to buy books, computers, Smartboards and other technology, purchase math and science equipment, underwrite curriculum enrichment initiatives, support the Connect-Ed phone system, provide student scholarships and awards, host family fun events, support many teacher appreciation events and much more.

When you join the PTO, you will be supporting activities and programs at both Hildreth Elementary School and The Bromfield School. Membership dues represent the largest source of PTO funding.  In addition, all PTO members receive a copy of the annual Student Directory, which contains every student's name by grade, as well as address, phone number, parent name(s) and email address (unless held by request). A school calendar and an index to every student in the school system by last name are also included, along with valuable contact information for HES, Bromfield, the Superintendent's Office, and school-related community groups.

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