Harvard LHB Leadership Events

LHB Retreat (Likely to be held in January):
Ellen Durand, ellen.m.durand@gmail.com
Jared Ganis, jganis @fas.harvard.edu
Hao Liu, haoliu @fas.harvard.edu

HHMI Symposium Trip Coordination (Likely to be held in May):
Khian Hong Pua, pua @fas.harvard.edu
Hao Liu, haoliu @fas.harvard.edu

MD/PhD-Leder Grand Rounds:
The dates for this year will be Sept. 26, Nov. 9, Feb. 22, and Apr. 25.
Typically, there are two organizational meetings held over the summer to coordinate with MD/PhD organizers to confirm discussants and student speakers.
The MD/PhD office (Jennifer_Deangelo @hms.harvard.edu or mdphd @hms.harvard.edu) will help us to collect RSVPs via eCommons about two weeks in advance of the event. RSVP instructions:

Log into eCommons --> on the upper left hand corner, click "Shortcuts"; an alphabetized link will appear on the page --> click on "M" and then scroll down to find "MD_PhD" --> Select "MD-PhD Program at Harvard Medical School" this will direct you to the MD- PhD page --> click on "Events" at the top of this page-->Click on the event listed on Grand Rounds date and then "Sign Up".

If you do not see the "MD-PhD" bar among your shortcuts, follow these instructions to add it: screenshot of procedure

We alternate responsibility for ordering catering. Communicate final headcount to MD/PhD office (mdphd@hms.harvard.edu) if their responsibility, or get headcount from MD/PhD office and share with Kim Burman (kburman@genetics.med.harvard.edu) or Terri Broderick (broderick@genetics.med.harvard.edu) to confirm catering.
Laura Liu, lxliu @fas.harvard.edu
Hao Liu, haoliu @fas.harvard.edu

LHB Dinners:
Past speakers end up in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ggDbBN7gX5emFzxj5Mxtw0oMG9fK2Bo_8bPtbTMKNA/edit
The dates for this year will be October, December, March, and May. Usually held on a Monday at 6:30pm. Confirm speaker at least 1 month in advance. Be in touch with Kim Burman (kburman @genetics.med.harvard.edu) to confirm room and catering. If Kim is not available, contact Terri Broderick (broderick @genetics.med.harvard.edu).
Mary Haas, mary.e.haas @gmail.com
Kaloyan Tsanov, ktsanov @fas.harvard.edu
Annie Vo, annievo @fas.harvard.edu
Zi Han Kang, zkang @fas.harvard.edu

LHBuddy Social Events (Including December welcome event for new LHB class):
Approve events with the LHB faculty leadership. Leder will cover food (nothing extravagant), but alcohol is on everyone’s own tab (perhaps with the exception of the December Welcome event if we do drink tickets or something, but that is also at the discretion of the faculty). Have a sign-in sheet at the event and include it with your receipt(s) for reimbursement at DMS.
Allison Demas, allison.demas @gmail.com
Tedi Asher, vasher @fas.harvard.edu

Field Trips to Merck and Novartis
Connie Cepko has information for our contacts there who can help arrange tours.
Kevin Chau, fcchau @gmail.com
Donna (Xianfang) Xia, baifeijuxing @gmail.com

Autopsy Trips
Christie Ciarlo, christie.a.ciarlo @gmail.com


LHB Program,
Jan 24, 2012, 6:47 PM