Language & Cognition (LangCog)

Language Development Lab (SnedLab), Harvard University

2017-18 :: Tue., 5:30-7 pm, WJH 1305 (unless otherwise noted)

Organizers: Dorothy Ahn, Annemarie Kocab, Tanya Levari, Jayden Ziegler (ziegler@g.harvard.edu)

Date Presenter Talk Title
9/5 Kathryn Davidson, Annemarie Kocab (Harvard) Event structure and verbal morphology in American Sign Language
9/12 Reading Group 1 The Price of Linguistic Productivity (Yang, 2016)
Readings: Chs. 1-2; Schuler, Yang, & Newport (2016)
9/19 Reading Group 2 The Price of Linguistic Productivity (Yang, 2016)
Readings: Ch. 3
9/26 Reading Group 3 The Price of Linguistic Productivity (Yang, 2016)
Readings: The Past-Tense Debate (2002); O'Donnell et al. (2011)
10/3 Reading Group 4 The Price of Linguistic Productivity (Yang, 2016)
Readings: Ch. 4 (excluding 4.2)
10/10 Reading Group 5 The Price of Linguistic Productivity (Yang, 2016)
Readings: Ch. 6 (Ch. 7 optional)
10/17 Gregory Scontras (UC Irvine) The role of subjectivity in adjective ordering preferences
10/24 Brian Leahy (Harvard) Counterfactual reasoning and false belief reasoning
10/31 Laurel Perkins (Maryland) Perceiving transitivity: Consequences for verb learning
11/7 Jonathan Brennan (UMich) Linking brain signals with grammar using neuro-computational models
11/14 Anthony Yacovone (Harvard) High predictability temporarily down-weights errors in subject-verb agreement
11/28 Joseph Coffey (Harvard) Effects of atypical white matter development and lateralization on language in children with autism spectrum disorder

Date Presenter Talk Title
2/20 Richard Futrell (MIT) Memory and locality in natural language
2/27 Sepideh Sadeghi (Tufts) A hybrid account of cross-situational word learning: Hypothesis testing meets associative learning
3/6 Idan Blank (MIT) When we "know the meaning" of an utterance, what kind of knowledge do we have?
3/20 Sudha Arunachalam (BU), Kathryn Davidson, Jesse Snedeker (Harvard) Panel on collaborations across the language sciences
3/27 Till Poppels (UCSD/MIT) Referring to events by omitting the verb phrase: English VP-ellipsis as a form of reference
4/3 Allison Fitch (BU) The role of object labels on infants' visual working memory
4/10 Mina Cikara, Fiery Cushman, Leah Somerville, Tomer Ullman (Harvard), with Tobias Gerstenberg (MIT/Stanford) as discussant - WJH B1 @ 5 pm Panel on professional development (co-sponsored by Harvard's Women in Psychology group)
4/17 Sabrina Horvath (BU) Verb vocabulary and verb learning in children with ASD
4/24 Lauren Skorb (BC) Studies in the development of semantics

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