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Catherine Bent and Elis Roseira November 5, 2017

Enjoy some world class Jazz in an intimate home setting-
Catherine Bent and Elis Roseira
Sunday, November 5, 2017
4:30 pm
42 Willow Rd, Harvard, MA
Tickets are $25

This event includes pot-luck appetizers (please bring a dish to share), drinks (provided) and great music!

Catherine Bent on cello and Elis Roseira on guitar/voice

"…a ravishing duo on cello, guitar and voice"

Once upon a time, two musicians from Europe met in a New England winter, and discovered they had a common enchantment: both were under the spell of Brazilian music. Their meeting was a fateful one; a unique musical voice arose: the duo Elis & Catherine was born.

Catherine’s compositions can be described as “chamber jazz”, bringing the organic phrasing of European art music into the world of rhythmic groove. Her many teachers have included jazz pedagogue Charlie Banacos and modern choro master Maurício Carrilho.  Elis Roseira has played and sung jazz, Brazilian styles, and classical music. She is the leader of the multi-instrumental duo “Céu e Mar” and plays the archetypal swing-diva in the trio “Horst und ihre Männer”.

In 2014 Elis & Catherine created arrangements, wrote music, played concerts and made a record. Recorded in Boston, Um Gosto de Sol (A Taste of the Sun), will be released in 2015. Their love of dialogue between the traditional and the modern is revealed in their choice of repertoire and their unconventional arranging. Elis & Catherine pay tribute to the great composers and lyricists of Brazil, with touches of North and South American folk music, European dance music and African rhythms, elegantly rendered on bowed, plucked and vocal strings.