The local organizing committee are undergraduates, graduate students, research scholars, faculty, and staff in the Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Departments at Harvard University. We donate our time and effort to design, plan, and run the conference. Several of us have been part of a previous CUWiP local organizing committee, many of us have benefited from attending a previous conference, and all of us are dedicated to encouraging young women to consider careers in physics and related fields. 

Members of the local organizing committee include: Laurel Anderson, Maya Anjur-Dietrich, Agnese Bissi, Marlee Chong, Charlotte Cole, Susannah Dickerson, Melissa Franklin, Delilah Gates, Anne Hébert, Anna Klales, Ellen Klein, Aaron Krahn, Meredith MacGregor, Anjalika Nande, Elise Novitski, Clare Ploucha, Thomas Plumb-Reyes, Hechen Ren, Yutong Shan, Annie Stephenson, Ashley Villar, and Ann Wang.

If you have any questions about CUWiP 2017 held at Harvard, please email us at