Lyrics of Uranus

Here are the Lyrics and Translation of all the songs Uranus/ Haruka sung.



Translation  of the: Haruka Ten'ou Prologue

voice by Ogata Megumi

*phone rings 2 times*


There is no one who would call at this time.

I was sleeping.

Right now?

Iwake Beach will still be there tomorrow and the day after.

It's an inconvenience.

Just wait. I'll be there soon.

*hangs up the phone*

Cold... In little light, my planet of isolation makes even myself freeze over. Before I met you, I was a pirate, taking for my own everything I liked in the world that I could see. I was a queen, leading all those around me.

Motorsports. Hang gliding. Basketball. Fencing. Whatever I did, nothing was a match for me. I went along, satisfied with that life. I spent the time convincing myself that I was satisfied.

But... But then... I felt I was really about to break apart. I felt I was going to be crushed by irritation. After I tore off the mask of the daytime, every night in bed I cried out without a voice.

No... This me is not me. It's not the real me! I was but a child, trying to escape my own destiny. Wrapped in a thin blanket, I was a naked child crying.

And then, when I met you, I understood at once. You were that person. You were that person I searched for, and at the same time was afraid of.

You, elegant but having wild eyes... Never turning your eyes from reality, fighting against everything... You taught me that destiny is something you choose yourself.

Like the larva dies and is reborn a butterfly, at that time the cowardly me was killed by you. You, strong and able to keep fighting. And yet... When I'm thinking of you... for some reason... gentle feelings... fill my heart...



voice by Ogata Megumi

Everything to me was just the world spread out before my eyes. Whatever the past, it became small while shining inside the mirror. The dirty sky... The echoes of the train... The noise of daytime... Everything around becoming a flowing line and flying off.

The remaining white moon... The rays of light brimming over... The sweet shape... of the girls' hands... Everything around becoming a flowing line and breaking off.

At that time I will become the wind. I will become a wind prettier than anyone. I will become a wind stronger than anything.

With my hands on the wheel, stepping on the gas... My chest throbs... The ultra-high-speed world. That is the one space that's just mine.

For me to be me... I cut through the haze of heat. Sweat slowly pours down. Exposed to the light, the world is fully exposed. That is the one space that's just mine. For me to not be me...

High above, the clouds blow about over the vivid aquamarine sea. While I seek after it so much that I feel longing, I still feel like letting go sometimes. The dream I have in my heart... I pursue it so much that it hurts, but I still want to destroy it sometimes. The future I have in my heart... What on earth is it I keep running for? Just how far will I keep running?

The jet disappeared into the setting sun. It soared past, leaving two bold lines in the sky. Like it was searching for an exit, my gasping heart then gave an answer for the first time. If I don't keep running, I won't be able to see anything. If I don't keep running, nothing will end. If I just finish once... If I just get the checkered flag once... At that time I will become the wind. I will become a wind prettier than anyone. I will become a wind stronger than anything.


Song: Kaze ni Naritai. (I want to become the wind) Sung by: Ogata Megumi.

Kikanai de kure        
Doko kara kita no ka
Hiumenai de kure
                     Kono kizu ni 
                     Don’t ask of me
                     to tell you where I’m from.
                     Don’t bury me
                     in this wound.
Hiumenai de kure
Nakushita kinoo ni
Tomenai de kure
Sore ijoo
                     Don’t bury me
                     in the lost yesterdays.
                     Don’t stop me
                     any further.
Ima mo kokoro ni
Nemuraseta yume
Arashi no you ni
Sawagu kedo
Senaka o mukete
Mabataki hitotsu
Namida no you ni
Chirashite yuku no sa
                     Even now in my heart
                     sleeps my dream
                     that like a storm
                     is still raging but
                     I turn my back
                     and within a blink
                     like a teardrop
                     it breaks into pieces.

Ano hi kara
Tatakai no hibi
Kaze ni nari tai
Kaze ni nari tai

                     From that day onward
                     I made a choice
                     to fight day by day.
                     I wish I was the wind
                     I wish I was the wind

Semenai de kure
Yasashiku nakute mo
Nakanai de kure
Kono mune yo

                     Don’t blame me
                     even if I’m not kind.
                     Don’t cry for me
                     this heart of mine.

Karen ni saita
Mujaki na hana ni
Kuchizukeru hi wa
Mada toi
Daremo ga yume o
mirareru seikai
Kono mi o tateni
Mamoru to chikatta

                     Gracefully blooming,
                     a free-loving flower
                     whose day of a kiss
                     is still far away.
                     Everyone has a dream
                     in a world they see
                     and using this body
                     I promise to protect...
Ano hi kara
Haruka na
Senshi e no michi
*Kaze ni nari tai
Kaze ni nari tai
                     From that day onward.
                     It’s a long and distant
                     road as a fighter.
                     I wish I was the wind
                     I wish I was the wind
* repeat.
Song: Inital U
Shiroi hanabira umi ni chirabari
kimi no kage o mezashi kasoku shiteku
amai kami ga matowari tsuite
fuseta mabuta ano yoru yaki tsuita
furikiru MASHIN Ferrari
Omoide wa kaze ni naru
    White petals falling into the sea
    Rush to awaken your shadow
    Sweet hair is waiting for me.
    Eyelids closed, burning as on that night...
    The machine in front is the Ferrari!
    My memories become the wind...
    Now, the blue checkered flag!

* eikou no kanata ni boku wa tada mukau dake
kuchibiru ni nokoshita no wa chikai no akashi
asayake no mukou e hashiri tsuzukeru kitto
anata ga mune ni kizanda kin ni kagayaku
U no mouji
    * I face only the path of glory
    I've left the evidence of this vow in a kiss
    I could certainly run facing the sunrise
    But you have been carved, in shining gold, on my heart,
    Initial U

tsunaida te o naze hanashita no
ruisen kara kawaku yume no KAKERA
gin no kagami umi ni nagashi
mirai wa yudanerareta
ima shuffle and open your mind
    Why do you speak of a hand that doesn't hang?
    My shattered dreams have been dried of tears
    That silver mirror has been washed away in the sea
    I could have given up the future
    Now, shuffle and open your mind!

itsuka mata yori sou sono hi o shinjite iru
kuchibiru ni nokoshita no wa yakusoku no kiss
asayake no mukou ni donna yami ga matou to
futari de mune ni kizanda kin ni kagayaku
U no mouji
    Someday I will definitely believe in this day again.
    I left the kiss of this promise behind
    Whatever darkness may be waiting, I will face the sunrise
    Together, we are carved, in shining gold, in my heart
    Initial U

* repeat
    * repeat