Lyrics of Neptune

Here are the lyrics and translation of all the songs Neptune/ Michiru sung.


Sailor S prologue

Michiru, Himeta omoi (Michiru's hidden feeling)

What I dream of is a beach house where I live together with you. A white house on the promontory, where we can always hear the sounds of the waves surging back and forth. What a thought!

But it would have been better if you were a more boring, ordinary person. So then I would live without wanting you. Even if we did happen to meet, I would live without wanting you.

Even when you're with a lot of friends, you're always still alone... I knew about you since I was a child. I've known since I was little that I'd be able to meet my destined one. But that's not the reason I wanted you. Destiny is meaningless to me. I'm not the type to worry about that sort of thing.

Since the darkened sky stole the sun, I can't just leave myself to the current. That's revealed by human nature, I know. Just...

Oh, you're so attractive anyway! *sigh* I wish we hadn't met. I plan to break up with you even now, if you become a boring person. But I know. You won't depend on anyone. You'll always be obedient to your own feelings. And you'll be like that until you die.

So fine! I've decided myself! I'm just running toward what I want. To always be with you, who knows isolation... I've decided that... in my heart.


Sailor S Poem

That was as blue as sorrow... It was as filled with radiance as sorrow... Leaving behind wings like those of angels, the doves flew about in the sky. At that time I was startled by the coldness of my hands. I was startled by the depth of my feelings.

Until then, all the future was in my hands. Lightly knitting my brow, there was not a single cloud in all my nerves. I could only face that. Dreaming... Only that.

And finally, I show a smile like a flower bed. That moment... I loved so much I couldn't bear it. I wouldn't say I was in a trance... Rather that I living like I was being followed by something. Where am I wandering toward? Sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I was terribly frightened of another one coming to take my hand away, and felt I was being crushed.

Musical notes born from my fingertips, fly straight into your heart. Sadness overflowing from my fingertips, fly straight into your heart. In the distance was the sound of a storm. A flash of lightning was approaching. No matter how I struggled, no matter how I escaped, eventually I could only go forth on that path. It looked like I was forced to choose. But I am the one who chose. Please don't grieve for the future me. Be someone who thinks with pride of the present me.

While embracing the mosaic of light, while embracing a gentle curve, I pour into a single sea. That was as blue as sorrow... It was as filled with radiance as sorrow... And I sleep wrapped in the familiar, warm blue. I sleep hidden in calm, pure silence. Holding closely the small dream I had as a child...

 sailor stars prologue

Every night a dream fortelling the end of the world repeated in my mind. In that scene, the memory of my previous life awakened. The memory as Sailor Neptune, carrying the protection of the planet of the deep sea, Neptune.

But I had a dream as Kaiou Michiru... A dream of becoming a violinist.

Being attracted to one with the same destiny, Ten'ou Haruka, I abandoned my dream and decided to live as a soldier. I felt pride in having the same fate as Haruka. Haruka accepted fate as well, and became my partner.

...Then the world was saved from oblivion.

But when wicked evil draws near this solar system, we will protect the princess from enemies from outer space.

Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up! I am the soldier of embrace, and I carry the protection of the planet of the deep sea, Neptune. I am Sailor Neptune, here invited by a new danger!


SailorStars poem

The deep sea, raising all living things everywhere. A great existence enveloping even that sea. Princess. Whatever darkness comes attacking, she is sure to save the world.

But she is too sweet... No, she is too gentle. What if she even lost her life because of that kind heart.

Still, I can't leave it to them. I won't have the princess face any more danger than this. I can't let her dirty her hands.

The sea... The deep sea, raising all living things everywhere. A great existence enveloping even that sea. Princess. Whatever darkness comes attacking, I will be sure to save you.


song: Senshi no Omoi (a soldiers memory) by Katsuki Masako.
Ima yuuhi ga moeoshiteiku
Shizuka na umi ni tokekomu you ni
Anata to miteru kono keshiki
Yakitsuketeoku wa
Futatabi arashi ga yatte kuru
Ano kata ga abunai
Soto no teki kara heiwa o mamoreru no
wa Anata
to watashi
      The evening sun now blazes down
Like it's melting into the quiet sea
This view I see with you
I will brand into myself.
The wind comes once more
That way is dangerous
The ones who can protect from the
enemies outside
Are you and I

* Unmei ni kansha shitai
Anata to meguriaeta kara
Itsuwari no seijaku o kowashite
Futari de kachitoru shinjitsu no

            * I want to thank fate
              That you and I could meet
              Breaking the false silence
             Together we'll win back true peace

Hito wa daremo hitoribotchi de
Kodoku na tabi o tsuzukete ikiru
Anata ni tadoritsuku hi made
Sou omotteita
Donna ni kizu tsuki tsurakute mo
Dare ni mo amaenai
Itsumo jibun no kimochi ni sunao na
hito Issho ni

              Everyone is alone in the world
              Life, a continual solitary journey
             That's what I thought
             Until the day you arrived.
             No matter how your wounds hurt you,
             You won't depend on anyone
             Always true to your own feelings
             I want to be with you

Koukai wa shiteinai
Anata to susunda michi dakara
Kimerareshi hoshi no shita
Jiai wa umareru mae kara sadame no

            I won't regret it
            Cause we walked this path together
            Before love was born, beneath the stars
            We were destined to be soldiers

(* Repeat)


Unmei wa Utsukushiku (Fate is so Beautifull) sung by katsuki Masako.

saishoni mitsumeta anotoki
kaze no kaori ga shita
natsukashii egao 
                That first moment,
We shared a glance,
At one another,
A scent of a feeling was in the air,
Of a very familiar smile.

 fushigina chikarani yobarete
meguri aeta imini
kizuite hayaku

                                      A very strange,
                                      A strong power,
                                      Calls out to you,
                                      The meaning of this chance meeting,
                                      Can't you notice any sooner?

hiroi sora no shita
zutto sagashiteta
atsui anata no hitomi o

                                     Under the wide and open sky,
                                     An endless search continues for,
                                     Those hot and burning eyes that are yours

* kono unmei wa utsukushiku
watashi no namida o
kagayaka serukara

                                     This fate, to be so very beautiful,
                                     The tears I cry are made to shine,
                                     shine as bright as ever before.

donna omoidega hikitometemo
mou nido to furimukanai
sonna kigashita

                                     There will be,
                                     Memories that will come and hold me down,
                                     But I'll never look,
                                     back at what's in the past,
                                     Was the feeling that I felt.

anatani nobashita yubisaki
fukaiyami no iro ni
some rarete yuku no

                                    Moving to you,
                                    Outstretched hand,
                                    with my fingers,
                                    But the deep color of darkness,
                                    Slowly overpainted them,

tsumetai arashini mesameru
tooiyume ga itsuka
honto ni nattemo

                                   During a cold,
                                   thundering storm,
                                   It will awaken,
                                   A distant dream that will come to be,
                                   An actual reality....

eran dasubete o
shinjiru koto ga
asu o kaeteku chikarane

                                   All of the choices I had made,
                                   Believing them to be the ones,
                                   To have the power to make the future change.

kono unmei wa uruwashiku
watashi no suhada o
kagayaka serukara

                                   This fate, to be so very wonderful,
                                   My body is starting to shine so bright,
                                   shine as bright as ever before.

** donna kanashimi ga oshiyosetemo
mou nido to kizutsukanai
anata ga ireba

                                There will be,
                                Many sad feelings come to hold me down,
                                But I'll never be,
                                Hurt by sadness again,
                                As long as you're by my side.

( Repeat * )
( Repeat ** )

anata ga ireba anata ga ireba

                                   As long as you're by my side