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fate is so beautifull


This is another site delicated to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon's characters Ten'ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru. They are definetely my two favourite characters, in the manga, anime and musical. I really hope you will enjoy this site.

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Watashi wa..

I m Tenshi, creator of this website. I live in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe. As many people i really am in love with Japan. I really like the country so much. It's definetely so beautifull there. I could visit there in the summer of 2005 and so much enjoyed. I really reccoment everyone to go and have a look there.

I really love Japanese anime. It all started with Pokemon. There started my love for Japan with. Later i collected a lot of things of Anime. The passion of Sailormoon never changed. I still look and collect a lot of things and always look for more. My favourite Anime are: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Marmalade Boy, Rurouni Kenshin, Dragonball Z and GT, Ai Tenshi Weddingpeach, Vampire Princess Miyu, Evangelion and many many more. I really like the romance type of anime.. *giggles*

I also really like the Japanese music and movies! There are so many people in the J-pop and so many interesting movies!

My favourite artists are: X Japan,Hide and Spread Beaver,  Morning Musume, Hello Project,  SPEED, Kinki Kids, Gackt, L'arc en Ciel.

My favourite movies are: Water boys, Swing Girls, Shinobi,Ring 1-2 & 0 Baasudei, NANA, Shall we ダンス(dance), Returner.

Watashi no Yume

My deam is to become an Seiyuu... Wich mean Voice actress for Japanese Anime. It started when i was a kid. I really liked the Disney Classics and watched them so many time that the complete text was in my head so i put down the volume and said the lines by myself. Later to learn a better english i dubbed some Dragonball Z on tapes and when i had to walk with my dog, i listened to them and later talked with them. When my crush on Sailormoon started i did the same with it. Thats how i got involved. My favourite Seiyuu are: ofcourse Ogata Megumi, she is the seiyuu of Sailor Uranus/ Haruka in Sailormoon. I also like HISAKAWA AYA, FURUYA TOHRU, OKIAYU RYOUTAROU. Yeah, most of them came from the cast of Sailormoon. Ogata = Haruka, Aya = Ami, Tohru = Mamoru.

Other hobbies:

I also got involved with other hobbies. I really like it to draw anytime and anywhere. When i got into a relationship with my boyfriend i kinda stopped with drawing. I couldnt concentrate at all anymore, but now when i made the site, i am up to make very many drawing again! I am planning to upload them in this site. Please send your advise if you have something! I also really like other movies like Gone with the Wind, Anna and the King. Especially the head actresses Vivian Leigh who starred as Scarlett O'Hara and Jodie Foster who starred as Anna Leonowens.


IF you have any advise, questions, comments,  or just want to say hi, please send them to my e-mail