Salmon-In-Schools Program

The Salmon-in-Schools project is operated by the Connecticut River Salmon Association (CRSA). 
To find out more about the CRSA, the Salmon-in-Schools Program, and Salmon Legacy Program, click  here!
  • Hartland Middle School, in collaboration with the Hartland Land Trust, is participating in the Salmon-in-Schools project for the fifth year.
  • Thanks to a grant from the Farmington River Coordinating Committee, the program was expanded to the Grade 3 classroom in the 2014-2015 school year. 
  • The program involves incubating salmon eggs in chilled aquariums in school classrooms and releasing the young salmon (called "Fry") in approved streams within the Connecticut River Watershed.
  • Approximately 65 schools in Connecticut participate, from Kindergarten to post-secondary level. 
  • Questions about the program? Contact Mrs. Costolnick at

Life Cycle of the Wild Atlantic Salmon
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