Hartland Organizations

*more contact info and some pages on town website:  http://www.hartland.govoffice.com/
American Legion, Post 48           Martin Dole 436-3653 
Ancient Roads Committee*         http://www.ruralvt.com/ancientroads/index.php
Boy Scouts, Troop 235               Tom Ramsey 436-3094, vtramsey@vermontel.net 6:45-8 pm Thursday nights at the Fire Station
Community Arts*                       http://www.hartlandarts.com/
Community Connections*           Jaxon Morgan at 291-1049 or hccvt@yahoo.com
Community Gardens                  http://hartlandgarden.org/  Breanne Goodspeed
Conservation Commission*         Second Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Damon Hall, email hartlandvtconsv@vermontel.net Jennifer Waite
Cooperative Nursery School*      http://www.hcnsvt.org/ Joan Alibozek
Energy Committee*                   Third Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Library, Rob Sangster or Karl Kemnitzer
Farm to School                         www.uvfts.org   Peter Allison 291-2019
Farmers Market                        www.hartlandfarmersmarket.com ,email hartlandfarmersmarket@gmail.com Carol Stedman,Sharon Irwin
First Congregational Church       436-2224  Lucia Jackson minister
First Universalist Church            436-2592   Paul Sawyer minister,  www.hartlanduu.org
Fire Department                        John Sanders, Chief 436-2222
Fish and Game Club                  Bruce Summarsell  436-2116
Flute Choir                                Jan Crow   436-1508
Friends of the Library*               see library contacts 
Garden Club                             First Sunday at variable locations, Linda Schneider, 802-295-1573
Green Up Day*                         Clyde Jenne, town clerk, 436-2444
HES*                                       http://www.hartland.k12.vt.us/hes2.html   436-2255
Heart of the Land Quilters          Betsy Allen  674-2465
Hill Hoppers                              see Upper Valley Trails Alliance http://www.uvtrails.org/group/show_town/17 or Yvonne Rice 436-2282
Historical Society*                     436-1703, Monday 1-4 pm, Friday 9am to noon
Moonlighters*                             themoonlightersbigband@yahoo.com or Janet Hewes at 436-2069 www.moonlightersbiband.com
Nature Club*                              Susan Greenberg  436-3223
News                                        www.hartlandnews.org , email hartlandnews@gmail.com
North Hartland Community Church  296-2418
North Hartland Lake                   295-2855
North Hartland Dam                   US Army Corp of Engineers   295-2855
Planning Commission*               First Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Rec Center, e-mail hartlandvtasst@vermontel.net, tel 436-2444
Parents, Teachers, Students, Friends    Beth Rice 436-3168 brice@vermontel.net 1'st Wednesday at the school library 5:30-6:30 pm
Public Library*                           436-2473, web www.hartlandlibraryvt.org ,email hartlandvtlib@vermontel.net Second Tuesday at 4:00 pm
Recreation Department*             436-2790, Fourth Monday at 7:00 pm at Rec Center, http://www.hartlandrecreation.com/info/default.aspx
Rescue Squad                          Alan Beebe, Director 295-5584
Riding Club                               Connie Tessier 436-2323, Nancy Plimpton 436-3025 hartlandridingclub@yahoo.com
School District Directors*           2nd and 4th Monday at 5:00pm at Hartland Elementary School
Seedsavers                              seedsaversuppervalley@gmail.com   Sylvia Davatz
Selectboard*                             First and Third Mondays at 7:00 pm at Damon Hall, holiday meetings are moved to the next night
State of the World Film Series    Gail Holmes, Bernie du Breuil, Chuck Fenton, Mike Heaney, Helen Dicke
Town website                            http://www.hartland.govoffice.com/
Transition Towns Hartland          www.transitiontownhartland.org , email transitionhartland@gmail.com
Volunteer Fire Department*        1'st and 3'rd Thursdays at 7:00 pm at Station #1, nonemergency phone 436-2717
Winter Trails*                            http://www.hartlandwintertrails.org/  Andrea Ambros 436-2472
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