The Honeymoon

January 4th - January 11th 2009

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Our honeymoon was a 6 day cruise aboard the Carnival Conquest.  This was my second cruise and Dustin's first and we had an absolutely AMAZING time!

Day One: Fun Day at Sea                                                                                                                                                                      Day Two: Fun Day at Sea                                                                                                                                                                     Day Three: Montego Bay, Jamaica                                                                                                                                                Day Four: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands                                                                                                                                Day Five: Cozumel, Mexico                                                                                                                                                                 Day Six: Fun Day at Sea    

Airports and Hotel Rooms

Before leaving on our cruise Dustin and I had a fun day and a half of hotels and airports.  We stayed at the Minneapolis Hilton for a night, took a plane from Minneapolis to Denver and then another plane from Denver to Houston where we stayed in a Doubletree hotel overnight.

 The Minneapolis Hilton

Playing with his phone in Denver

Look how pale we are!  That'll change!

The Doubletree

Depart from Galveston, TX

The day we left from Galveston was anything but easy.  We left from our hotel to go back to the airport around 9AM so that we could get onto the shuttle that would take us from Houston to Galveston.  The ride was about an hour and a half and with no air conditioning we were all a little cranky by the time we got to Galveston.

When we arrived we found out that the Conquest couldn't dock because of fog, which meant that the people that were on the boat from the previous cruise couldn't get off and we couldn't get on.  We were all told to find something to do for a few hours (not easy to do in a town that is still feeling the effects of hurricans - have the places in town were closed).



 For some reason I look tan in this picture!  No idea why...

The Carnival Conquest

We found this place that had drinks, chips and touristy stuff so we sat awhile.  We ate very well.

Dustin, of course, had to have some beer

And we saw some horse drawn carriages

When we finally got on the boat around 6PM...

We found that my parents had them decorate for us

AND Vacations to Go gave us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries

We were SO happy to finally be on the ship!

On our balcony!

First 2 Fun Days at Sea

The first two days we spent hanging around the pool, drinking drinks, eating good food and RELAXING!

 We had to get some yummy fruity drinks

Each night the crew makes a towel animal for you when they turn down your bed.  Our first?  A very cute towel elephant!

When towel elephants attack!

The stage of the Toulouse-Lutrec Lounge where we saw some AMAZING shows

Dustin waiting as I take forever to get ready

Towel swan

Waiting for the Motown show to begin

The Motown singer

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hello Jamaica!

On the shuttle to do some shopping and then go to Margaritaville

Breakfast of champions - key lime pie and a mango daquirie

 This guy makes Dustin look short!!

The Jamaica Margaritaville is right on the water and we took advatage of swimming in the ocean

That night we found a towel bulldog in our room

When we walked out of our room we were right by the elevators.  This is a view from the 6th floor down to the 3rd.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I don't have a lot of pictures from Grand Cayman.  Although it was GORGEOUS it was also very ritzy and I had a hard time believing I was out of the U.S.

Hello Grand Cayman

In one of the open air malls they had a cage of iguanas

On our second formal night I found out that Dustin doesn't know how to tie a tie

 A view of the stairs and the ceiling on the 3rd floor

Waiting for dinner to start

And that night we got a towel monkey

After the formal night, waiting for the show to begin

This is how we are on a regular basis

Cozumel, Mexico

Hello Cozumel!

Our ship next to its twin, the Carnival Valor

Dustin on a swing at Fat Tuesday

Dustin insisted on buying a sombraro

Last Fun Day at Sea

Because I was a returning cruiser, we got to go to a special drinks and appetizer show and we got to see the crew and captain.

The captain

On our last night we decided to go to the casino, since we've both never been to one.  We ended up losing but it was fun anyway!