Our Wedding Part Three 

   The Reception   

September 27th, 2008

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The Reception

Our reception was held at the Ramada Inn in downtown Hayward and it was absolutely amazing.  We had so much fun, the staff was wonderful, the food was great and the company was just amazing.

Our seating cards that also served as favors - they had candy inside

 Our guestbook, designed by our photographer Sara Thiry

 Our memory candle, honoring Dustin's mom, his grandfather, both of my grandfathers and my grandmother

We walked in to Wonderful Night by Fatboy Slim

The head table

My dad giving a short but sweet welcome speech

David's speech, which included a story about him and Dustin shooting owls with BB guns when they were in cub scouts

My brother asked me before the wedding if he could give a speech.  I thought it was so sweet!

And then came Amber.

She basically let the cat out of the bag when she told everyone about a night that I had friends over in high school (when I wasn't supposed to).  Long story short, I tried to shut off all the lights in the house through the circuit breaker to try to scare my friends.  I also accidentally shut off the huge freezer than my parents kept in the basement - and didn't turn it back on, letting everything defrost.  My parents were SO mad and at the time I tried to pretend I didn't know what had happened.

My dad's face.  Sorry dad.

Everyone else thought it was funny!

My family, at every family wedding, likes to come up to hug, kiss and congratulate the bride and groom.  This wedding was no different.

Our first dance to We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone

Love this picture of Dustin and my dad

My dad and I danced to Vienna by Billy Joel

My parents dancing.  Aren't they cute?

Love this picture of Dustin's dad and stepmom

Dustin's grandparents

The other newlyweds!

My brother and his girlfriend

Our officiant with his partner Cindy

Dustin and his grandma.  She told me that this is when he told her how happy he is.  Aw!

I LOVED twirling in my dress

My friend Tim and his girlfriend LeAnne.  Tim and I met online when I was 18 and he was 20.  We very quickly moved to talking on the phone multiple times a week but because I lived in Minnesota and he was in Michigan we never got the chance to meet.  Finally, about a year before the wedding we met for the first time and it was SO exciting to have both him and LeAnne at the wedding.

Even the DJ got out on the dancefloor!

The End.