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September 27th, 2008

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We were married on September 27th, 2008 at my parents' house in Hayward, WI with a reception at the Ramada Inn in Hayward, WI.  

Though there was some major issues the day before (namely, my mom and I were in a car accident which caused me to have a cracked sternum) and the day of (namely RAIN) we ended up with a wonderful day filled with happiness and love.

We were so incredibly thankful to the people that made it out for our day ~ it truly meant the world to us.

Our Professional Wedding Pictures

That Morning

The morning of September 27th, 2008 I woke to find that the heavy rain that had been promised was gone.  I waited in my parents' guest house for my girls to arrive and that half hour of quiet was absolutely amazing for my nerves.

Once people started arrive, though, I had no time to think and the morning went by in a whirlwind of activity.


The steps leading to the ceremony location and the lake

 The flowers set up where the ceremony took place


Our beautiful flowers, they turned out so perfect!

My dress waiting for me

My friend and fellow newlywed, Steph, doing my makeup

Checking out the final product

It's dress time!

This is right about when I realized that the day was finally here

I am SO glad I went with the red shoes, SO sexy!  If you look at the foot with the tattoo, you can see a bruise that I got from the car accident the day before.  Thankfully the only bruise that I got.

The girls trying to figure out my veil while I try to figure out my necklace.  It's a group effort.

All ready.

Taking in a view of the ceremony site and the lake

The boys arrive with Mountain Dew, of course.

Thank goodness for Steph, who ended up being a little bit of a wedding coordinator on top of hair stylist and makeup artist.

The boys looked SO GOOD in their red ties and vests.  Dustin had ivory instead of red.

First Meeting

Dustin and I opted to see each other before the ceremony which was SO nice!  It helped us get rid of some nervous energy.  Plus, there's no way we could have waited all morning to see each other!

Like my pretty dress?

Bride and Groom

We took pictures around my parents' property: the lake, ceremony location and the small road leading to their house.

 We are NOT a serious couple, so you'll see very few pictures of us being serious.  We like to laugh.  A lot.

At this point it started to drizzle but frankly, we didn't care.

Another reason we chose to do the wedding at my parents' is because of the lake.  Makes for great photo opportunities.

The Waiting Game

When the rain got to be a bit too much, we spent a little time in my parents' guest house drinking the ever popular Sophia champagne.  Those little pink cans are so cute!

My brother and his girlfriend, Sara, playing a little thumb war to pass the time

No idea what my mom was showing me but I was pretty excited about it!

The Wedding Party

My matron of honor, who I've known since junior high, a high school friend and Dustin's sister made up my bridal party

The boys are NEVER this serious

This is also where we stood for the ceremony.  Practicing the kiss.

This is how the guys normally are

At this point Dustin became a little unsure.  The guys tried to stop him but...

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