-Prof K.T. Pandurangi

In this small work the rituals to be performed on the night of Sri Krishna's birth are described.  the word Jayanti refers to the midnight of the eight day of the Krishnapaksha when Rohini star arises.

सहीण्यामर्धत्र तु यदा कालाष्टमी भवेत् |
जयंती नाम स प्रोक्ता सर्वपापप्रणाशिनी ||

This happens during the month of Simha or Shravana . On this day one has to observe fast and offer Arghyan to Krishna and Chandra. In addition to worshipping these two, Balarama, Vasudeva, Devaki, Nanda and Yashoda also are worshipped. The verses to be recited at the time of Arghya to Krishna and Chandra are given. The hymns that are to be recited early in the morning, at night, at the puja time and before breaking the fast are also given here.