-Contributed by Ram Ramachandran

Various classes are conducted via skype, audio conference on a weekly basis all over USA. Please find contact details below  for enrolling into the classes. 

1. Keshav Rao Tadipatri                             Every Wednesday 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM (EST)    Harikathamrutha Saara  Contact:  Meera Tadipatri -mtadipatri@gmail.com
2. Keshav Rao Tadipatri                             Every Thursday     9:00 PM - 9:30 PM (EST)   Bhagavad Gita    Contact: Meera Tadipatri - mtadipatri@gmail.com
3. Gopeenath Galagali                                 Every Saturday      2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)   Vayu Sthuthi    contact:  Mukund Rao - mukundraomg@yahoo.com
4.  JV Acharya                                            Every Saturday      12 noon - 1 PM (CST)        Pratah Sankalpa Gadya     contact:  Pramod Vittal - pramod.vittal@gmail.com
5.  JV Acharya                                            Every Sunday        11 AM - Noon (CST)          Taitreya Upanishad  contact: Pramod Vittal - pramod.vittal@gmail.com
6. JV Acharya                                             Every Sunday        8 PM- 9  PM (CST)             Sumadhva Vijaya contact: Pramod Vittal -pramod.vittal@gmail.com
7. Ekadashi Jagarne (devara nAmA singing)   Every Ekadashi      8:30 PM - All night (CST)   Devara NAmA singing contact: Phani Sarangam -uma_sarangam@yahoo.com

8. Meera Tadipatri                                   Every Mon,Wed and Fri     2PM -2:30PM (EST)     Shree Harikathamrutasaara Beginners Contact Jayashree -jayashree.kulkarni@gmail.com

9. Meera Tadipatri                                  Every Mon                        9PM -9:30PM (EST)      Shree Harikathamrutasaara    Contact :Jayashree -jayashree.kulkarni@gmail.com

10. Meera Tadipatri                                 Every Tuesday                  9PM -9:30PM (EST)    Shree Harikathamrutasaara (Marathi) Contact Jayashree-jayashree.kulkarni@gmail.com

11. Keshav Rao Tadipatri                         Every Wednesday             8:30PM -9PM (EST)    Shree harikathamrutasaara Recital Class Contact Jayashree -jayashree.kulkarni@gmail.com

12. Jayashree Thotapalle                          Every Sunday                  7:30PM -8PM (CST)   Kathamruta for kids Contact Jayashree-jayashree.kulkarni@gmail.com

13. Satyavijayacharya finished Sudha adhyayana & mangala under revered guru Sri Vidyasimhacharya.Mahuli at Satyadhyana Vidyapeeta Mumbai.in 2001,now setteled at Satyavijaya Nagaram Tamil Nadu as a Mathadhikari of Sri Satyavijaya teertharu math .Here Sri Swamigala Moola Brindavan is there,acharyari is archaka.This place is very small village  where there are only two madhva families live.
      Acharya takes pata through skype for madhva people who live in states,& other countries.If you are intersted in learning viz,stotras sandhya vandana,devar pooja, vedas,Madhwa vijaya or sidhhanta please contact Acharya
       Satyavijayacharya's skype Id is s v.acharya &Email Id is satyavijayacharya@gmail.com
Sri Ram also send out Ekadashi email 2 days before every Ekadashi covering all time zones in USA and if required Canada also.  Interested may contact via our website to get added to the list. 

Sri Srikanth Dharmavaram,  Research Scholar in Department of Astrology Training & Research, Sri Gurusarvabhouma Sanskrit Vidyapeetha at Mantralayam Teaches Astrology on Skype on Thursdays. Please contact him for further details - vaiswanara3@gmail.com