“Power and Pelf” - My Debut Novel, will be out soon.

The gist of the “Power and Pelf” :

If you are born poor, it’s not your fault; if you die poor, it definitely is your fault. Cliché?

Oh yeah! That’s ‘cos everybody had blurted and have been doing for a long while now. However, nobody ever talked about being born as a rich. Is it a privilege? Or a fault?

What if you were born rich and then thrown into a life on the breadline just at the right time of when you have started to feel your age after puberty?

This is the story of Aryan, the son of an illiterate father and an intelligent mother; the grandson of a founder and chairman to the million-dollar company, JAPMI.

As Aryan just felt right about his way of life. He was confronted with the death of his beloved, Grandpa. Subsequently leading to the downfall of JAPMI shoving the family of Hadars to dire straits.

Attributing the circs to the fate while Aryan just decides and begins his second life as a new born nineteen-year-old lad. No later he soon contends with the death of his father, his fate left him in the middle of nowhere with a follow on by a staunch caveat from a brawny man.

After a brief period when the dark was to see the light, the young bloke gets to know that a culmination of series of events had led to the death of Dayanand, his grandpa and the downfall of JAPMI. Dejected with the family tragedy and the state of affairs. He made two choices in couple of instances, one was Madhumita and the other was … you will have to probably wait for the book!

About Harsha:

I have completed my Undergraduation in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT BBSR). Currently I am working under Intelligent Automation team at an MNC. I am always intrigued in the pragmatic way to explicate the beautiful gimmicks in the field of Robotics and AI/ML. My interests lie in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbots, Computational Intelligence/Soft Computing and Robotics.  

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