Axle Wrap Railroad 

and other HO scale models 

At some point in the future, this site will host pictures of the Axle Wrap Railroad.  Construction will likely take years, so in the meantime and in addition to that railroad, pictures of assorted models and projects will be displayed. 


Heljan 120' Turntable 

Concor B&M Yard Office 

Model Power Tank Filling Station

A Cute Little Feed and Seed Station- contest kit by

Bar Mills Furlow Freight

Walthers Gas Factory, masquerading as Springfield Nucular Plant

Builders in Scale Pitkin City Hall

RDA Freight Station 

Layout Plans

Springfield Nucular Plant

Axle Wrap Logging Module 

Axle Wrap Railroad Yard


Fast Tracks

My First Curved Crossover

My First Curved Turnout