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How To Change Your Serpentine Belt on a 1994 Cavalier

-Remove the three screws holding the Coolant Resevoir and remove it (this is to make room for your wrench)

-Use a 15mm socket wrench or a specialized Serpentine Belt Tool (I got mine at Advance Auto Parts for 20 bucks) or a 15mm wrench with a jog in the handle, the ones that are shaped like a squashed "s"

-Pull the wrench toward the front of the car, thereby creating a little bit of slack in the belt.  Alternatively you can remove all the bolts on the alternator and yank it out.  This is only a good option if you're changing the water pump.

-Pull the belt off and use the serpentine belt routing diagram below when you put it back on.

-To put a new Serpentine belt on, route it accordingly around all the components but the alternator.  The Haynes manual says to start at the lower components and work your way up, this is good advice.

-Hold the belt tight and once again use the wrench on the 15mm bolt on the tensioner pulley.  When you pull the tensioner toward the front of the car (you'll probably have to pull it pretty far) slide the belt onto alternator and you're done with the belt.

-Replace the coolant resevoir and you're done!

If your wrench gets stuck on the pulley, pull it away from the engine to the left (if you're looking at the front of the engine).  Just rock it and pull very hard and you should be able to get the wrench out eventually.  Be sure to retighten your tensioner pulley bolt before you drive off!