Harry Coumnas’ Shocking Revelation about Binary Planets

Harry Coumnas is a renowned planetary scientist and astronomer who has made some shocking revelation about binary planets based on his theories and studies. He is also an author and has more than 500 books to his credit. He was born on January 18, 1897 in Russia. His father was a farmer and mother, a teacher. In 1902, they family moved to the United States. Harry grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was one of the brightest students in school. He began reading science fiction books at a very young age and soon developed a passion for science. He received his PhD. in Astronomy from one of the top Universities in the United States. 

Harry Coumnas has researched on some of the most intriguing subjects in the world of science, such as extraterrestrial life, space warfare, alien invasion, space and time warps, Mars habitation, and many more.  After each of studies, he came out with many solid revelations and made a significant contribution towards the scientific community. 

Harry Coumnas’ current study is focused on Binary Planets. A Binary Planet, also known as a double planet is a binary system where both objects are of planetary masses. While talking about this fascinating subject, Harry explains, “Both the bodies need to individualyl satisfy an orbit clearing criteria to be called as a binary or double planet. An important consideration is the ratio of the masses of these bodies. If the mass ratio indicates that both bodies are equal or is closer to any one, the two bodies are considered binary planets.” Further he says, “Satellites of Planets that have masses closer to their planets are binary planets. Similarly, planet A5001 and its satellite Z262 which is 500 light years from Earth has been found with the mass ratio of 0.8654.These tow bodies can be considered as binary planets in a Binary System.”

Harry Coumnas shocking revelation has been sent for approval to the International Astronomical Union. His work is likely to bring in a lot of light to the unexplored dimension of binary planets and their existence.