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Harrogate Town Mission

Harrogate Advertiser - 10th December 1892
On Monday evening last the annual meeting of the friends and subscribers of the Harrogate Town Mission was held in the Mission Hall, Strawberry Dale. Mr Morrell (President) occupied the chair, and was supported by Revs M Rowntree, J G Raws, J A Meeson, and others.
Secretary's report : The past year of the Mission marks a memorable time in history - the building debt having been entirely removed. Many have been the willing helpers in bringing about this result - especially we note here the kindness of two gentlemen, who, in addition to previous help for the building fund, guaranteed the last £10, and the last £5, which sums we have been able to ask for, and promptly to receive. Until four years ago the meetings were held at the back of Tower Street - not a very inviting place, but the best available; and when the Committee entered into the project of buying land and building a permanent hall and home for the Town Missionary, it seemed a serious undertaking; but the work was begun in faith and prayer, and with a distinct realisation of Divine guidance. Its commencement will ever be associated with a meeting of the Committee for prayer at a home always open for the furtherance of all Christ-like and benevolent interest - that of our dear friend, Mrs Crosland, whose removal from Harrogate is universally regretted. The Mission now happily possesses a Mission Hall - light, lofty, and bright, and well-heated with pipes in winter, and with all conveniences for having tea and other social meetings, and also a neat, comfortable home for the Missionary; and one matter of note in connection with this work is, that the money has been obtained without the usual aid of a bazaar. The Committee are wishful that the hall shall be used for any meetings of general interest in harmony with the evangelistic and philanthropic objects of the mission, and applications made to the Secretary will be promptly considered by the Committee.
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Harrogate Herald - 1st March 1944
Miss J White, the newly-appointed Deaconess of the Harrogate Town Mission, was on Thursday welcomed as leader of the Ladies' Fellowship connected with the Mission. During the evening Mrs Clarke, who had been leader of the Fellowship for the past 5½ years was presented with a leather writing compendium, and a copy of the New Testament and Psalms. Mrs Wright, the oldest member of the Fellowship, in making the presentation spoke of the friendship and held which Mrs Clarke had during her term of office shed abroad, and expressed the pleasure of all the members that she was to remain amongst them. Mrs Clarke expressed her delight with the gifts and said how greatly they would be valued. During the evening the members of the Fellowship served refreshments.