HRMS Invest In Your Child Fundraising Campaign
August 29, 2016 – November 5, 2016

Did you know…

HRMS is the only middle school in CCS that does not do a school wide fundraiser sale?

(Any fundraisers are for clubs or field trips where the profit goes towards the student’s trip – the school makes nothing.)

Expenses add up quickly in a school of 1200+ students:

·         Copier costs exceed$25,000 per year! The paper for copy machines is an additional$8,000!

·         We spend more than$5,000 for school level software subscriptions (i.e. and Gizmos)!

·         In order to place a laptop cart in every classroom, we will need 8 more

carts of 30computers: 8 x$10,000=$80,000!

·         The amount per pupil we receive from the state and county for supplies is less

today than in the2008 budget!


Your contribution will make a big difference. If everyone could do a little, together we will do a lot!

•          100% PROFIT – ALL donations go directly to meeting the needs of our school.

•          SAFER for our children – No door-to-door selling, collecting, or delivering.

•          100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE – Your donation is completely tax deductible

The IIYC campaign will officially begin Monday, August 29, 2016.

Please donate as generously as you are able.  No matter the amount, your donation will help!   If every student donates $25, then we will reach our goal. 

There are 2 ways to donate:

1.    Use the Donate button below to donate via PayPal.  Please put your child’s name and homebase teacher in the “Add special instructions to HRMS PTSO” box.  Please also note if your company matches donations to non-profit organizations.

2.    For a cash or check donation (payable to HRMS PTSO), please print the IIYC form and attach your donation and turn into your child’s homebase teacher. 

Additional questions?

Contact:  Heidi Rixman or Carolyn Wichern


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