George Harrison

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 Book: George the Handcart Boy

At age 14 George crossed the plains with his family in the Martin Handcart Company.  George and some friends went swimming one evening in a pool of water and got covered with misquito bites.  He came down with yellow fever and was sick for weeks.  He became so ill that he stayed back when the company moved on and found a tribe of indians to care for him.  His father came looking for him and they decided to leave him with the indains to care for him and for him to come west the next season with another company.  He ended up coming west with Johnstons Army.  His story was written in a childrens book titled George the Handcart Boy.  There is a link above to a scanned copy of the book, it has been out of print for many years.  George later settled in Springville where he opened a restaurant and later a motel.  He learned to cook while traveling with the Army.

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