"Red Bud" 
Red Bud
Time To Go  Rainbow Mtns, China   
  "Time To Go"              "Rainbow Mtns, China"

                   "Dear God" - SOLD
                SOLD - cards only

           16 x 16 -                              9.5 x 1..5 -pncl-frmd                pencil
  Prints & cards available

Dimensions  Bath Time  HarpCat
                                  "Dimensions"                                                "Bath Time"                          "HarpCat"     
                    8.5x23.25 - Acrylic - in black frame                             cards only                      8 x 10 Acrylic

    Om-Home - turn counterclockwise   Stars  Family  Queen Anne's Lace
               "Om-Home"                                   "Stars"                                "Family"               "Queen Anne's Lace"
      (turn counter-clockwise)                  Orig. SOLD                      2 x 3 pcl-frmd                     photo
                                                                      cards only

Comet  Two Windows     
     "Comet"               "Two Windows"                         
12x18 Acrylic        13.5 x 16.5 - pcl-frmd         

BFFs  West Virginia Sunrise    Beach Girl   Beach Kite
         "BFFs"              "West Virginia Sunrise"                  "Beach Girl"              "Beach Kite"
   photo                           8x10 - Acrylic (Sold)               5.5x7.5-Acr-(sold)     4x6-Acr-6.5x8.5 frmd

 Note Card - Diane Dowell  Trinity Lyre - Diane Dowell   Blue Harpman 24x36 Acrylic   
       "Note" Card                  "Trinity Lyre"         "Blue Harpman"                                "Sending"
  -  Diane Dowell                 - Diane Dowell          24x34 Acrylic                        12x15 - pencil - framed

 "Circles" - SOLD             "Purple Plum" - Pencil           "Green Avocado" - Pencil        "Banana Knot" - Pencil (Sold)

       "Harp Tree"                                  "Comet Near"                                                        "Prayer Scarves" - SOLD
 12x24 Acrylic - SOLD             8 x 10 - Acrylic, Pencil framed                        watercolor - 5 x 11 in blue frame

"Beachmandala" -                   "Trans"                        "Triangle Pose"           
12 x 12 framed                            24 x 36                               16 x 18                           
Circle in center                           Acrylic (Sold)            Acrylic, mirror.
is  a mirror. (Sold)


"Barn on Kline Mill Rd., Middletown,Va."             "Musical Angel"             "Electra" - 16 x 20
12 x 24 - Acrylic on burlap                                          8x10 - in gold frame     Acrylic
                                                                                           Pencil (sold)

Original Art and Prints - Prices on Request
Contact me at

Note Cards - of the above artwork
$3.50 each  -  5/$15.00 (mix & match) (plus s/h)
Pay Pal accepted
Art Magnets - 2" x 3" - $7.99 - includes postage
Available now*:
    1. HarpCat  
    2.Beach Girl
    3. Trinity Lyre
*other designs by request

Designs shown above - originals and frameable prints also available - prices on request.
Original, one-of-a-kind cards also available on request (neo-modern/abstract designs).

Original Poetry - Inspirational Quotes

Need an expressive poem for a special person? ... for a special occasion? 
I will write a poem crafted from your input, printed and placed in a matt - up to (8x10) suitable for framing (fits an 11x14 frame)
Prices on request -

 "Signature Songs"

Need a very special gift for a very special person? Why not give a gift of a "Signature Song"? -- an original composition of music. Package includes the written sheet music on parchment and an MP3 audio file on a mini CD. And/or a pdf of the sheet music and an MP3 audio file to download.

You can contact Allen at  for more information and availability.