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Read a feature article: The Contrarian Dance of DNA.

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One can calculate an entropic force by brute force from classical mechanics. Although the mean of the broad force distribution is equal to the entropic force, the most probable force is not.

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Cells can grow everywhere, above or below a surface of either positive or negative Gaussian curvature as long as oxygen is around.

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We experimentally determined the angular limit of the famous worm-like chain model of DNA: DNA bends like an elastic rod only up to about 7 degrees per base pair. 

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A step-by-step video protocol on how to implement single-molecule FRET with one of the easiest systems around. 

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Modification of genomic DNA can bring about subtle effects because nucleosome positioning can be affected. 

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A few things to consider when experimenting with surface-attached polymers: looping dynamics of a polymer may become faster or slower depending on how it is confined.

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Because nucleosomes compact DNA inside the cell, they are thought to hinder reading of the genetic code. Here, we propose an intriguing mechanism of how nucleosomes may help decode the genetic code.

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Which DNA loops faster, a C-shape or an S-shape? We measured looping probabilities of DNA molecules of different curvatures.

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