Tai-Sheng Pan and Tai-Chun Pan started studying Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan) in their early teens. They have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan in the Greater Boston Area since 1975 and 1980 respectively. Over the years, they have steadily encouraged the development of this art through dedicated students. Currently, many of these students are also instructors at various organizations.

Some highlights regarding the two head instructors, Tai-Sheng and Tai-Chun:

Some benefits of Tai Chi Chuan:

The two head instructors, Tai-Sheng and Tai-Chun teach the complete Yang Style Tai Chi passed down by Grand Master Hsiung Yang Ho, through Masters Chen Hsiao Yin and David Cheng.

This set of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan contains the following (including the rarely-found Free Hand (San Shou), Matching Sword, and Matching Saber:

Bare Hand

  • Basic form - Traditional Long Form
  • Push Hands -
    • Fixed steps, single hand
    • Fixed steps, double hands
    • Moving steps
  • Dalu
  • Free Hands (San Shou) -
    • Matching Form A
    • Matching Form B